Canvas integration with Classcraft

The Canvas integration with Classcraft enables students at your school to receive Classcraft Experience Points for handing in their assignments and participating in discussion in Canvas. Once your setup is complete, this process is automatic whenever an assignment is turned in or reply sent and not directly tied to features in Classcraft such as Quests and the Grade Converter.

This integration is available with all Classcraft district and school licenses. If you’re a school administrator, contact the person in charge of the Canvas implementation in your district for help with one of the steps.

To enable the integration for teachers, you'll need to: 

Add Classcraft's Developer Keys

First, you'll need to make sure that Canvas can see Classcraft properly. To do so, add our Developer Keys to your integration:

  • Proceed to your Canvas dashboard
  • Select Admin
  • Select Developer Keys
  • In the Inherited tab turn on the two following keys:
    • Classcraft LTI



Add Classcraft as an External App

Once you have enabled the integration, the Classcraft integration will be added to your list, but you need to add it as an external app so that teachers can use it! To do so:

  • Proceed to your Canvas dashboard
  • Select Admin
  • Select Settings
  • Click the blue +App button
  • Select the “By Client ID” configuration type
  • Enter our client ID: 170000000000708


Create a Data Stream for Classcraft

Finally, you’ll need to set up the Data Services hooks so that students can be rewarded in Classcraft for turning in assignments in Canvas.

Note: If you're a school administrator, please contact the person responsible for the Canvas implementation in your district to enable this setting for you. No need to worry, there’s no additional charge for this!

  • Proceed to your Canvas dashboard
  • Select Admin
  • Select Data Services
  • Click the +Add button
  • Set up your Classcraft data stream as follows:
    • Title: Classcraft
    • Delivery method: HTTPS
    • URL:
    • Check Sign Payload
    • Check the following User Generated columns:
      • Subscriptions > Discussion Entry > discussion_entry_submitted
      • Subscriptions > Discussion Topic > discussion_topic_created
      • Subscriptions > Grade > grade_change




When you’re done, teachers should have access to the Classcraft integration on their Canvas Dashboard and students should be able to receive Experience Points in Classcraft for work completed and discussions updated in Canvas. If you run into any issue during this setup, feel free to contact our support team at

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