Canvas integration with Classcraft for teachers

Canvas helps you manage evaluations and assignments. With our integration, you can automatically reward students with Experience Points for assignments they complete in Canvas. Let’s see how it works!


A few notes before we get started:

  • This integration can only be used by teachers covered by a district or school license
  • Before the integration can be used, it must be set up by your Canvas district administrator
  • Assignments automatically graded through rubrics and SpeedGrader will not reward students with Experience Points

Enabling and disabling Experience Points rewards for your whole account

To enable the integration on your teacher account:

  • Proceed to your Canvas dashboard
  • Click on Account in the lefthand sidebar
  • Select Classcraft Experience Points settings

By enabling this option, you’ll activate the integration for all of your Canvas courses. This is not related to Quests and these assignments are, as usual, handled directly in Canvas. If you want to enable or disable the Experience Points rewards only for certain courses or assignments, start by enabling the integration for your whole account!

Enable and disabling Experience Points for a specific course

Once you’ve enabled the Experience Points rewards for your whole account, you can decide to enable or disable them on a per-course basis. To do so:

  • Proceed to your Canvas dashboard
  • Click on Courses in the lefthand navigation bar
  • Select any course
  • Select the Classcraft Experience Points settings option

You can enable or disable the rewards for a course as a whole or individual assignments. Enabling or disabling rewards for an assignment will toggle it for all the modules in which the same assignment exists. Use Toggle all to enable or disable rewards for all assignments in your modules.

Adjusting Experience Points values


Whether you’ve enabled Classcraft Experience Points for your whole account or for a single assignment, you can choose the number of Experience Points students will receive for:

  • Turning in an assignment on time
  • Turning in an assignment late
  • Assignment grade (according to the grade type: percentage & points, complete or incomplete (pass or fail), or letter grade)

If other teachers at your school are also using this integration, you may want to check with them to give roughly the same number of Experience Points and keep the experience consistent for your students.

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