Canvas integration with Classcraft (district and school licenses)

As a teacher, Canvas helps you manage assignment submissions and evaluations. Wouldn’t it be great if you could reward students with Experience Points (XP) for turning in assignments or their grades on Canvas?

If your whole school is using Classcraft and your admins enabled the integration, XP rewards for Canvas assignments and grades may automatically be enabled for all your courses. 

Note that assignments automatically graded through rubrics and the SpeedGraders will not give students XP. This is something we're looking to fix!

To enable, disable, or edit the settings of the Classcraft Canvas integration, proceed to your Canvas dashboard. Click on “Account” on the lefthand sidebar and select “Classcraft Experience Points.”


Use the “Enable XP rewards” toggle to enable or disable rewards both for assignments and grades.

Any setting edited on this screen will be applied to all your courses. You can change how many XP you want to grant for on-time or late assignment submission. You can also define XP rewards settings according to grading systems:

  • Percentage and points
  • Complete or incomplete (pass or fail)
  • Letter grade

At the moment, it’s not possible to adjust settings for GPA scale. For any assignments using a GPA scale, students will be rewarded according to their letter grades instead.

If you made changes to these settings, click “Restore default settings” to return these settings to their original values.

To edit settings for a specific course, click on “Courses” on the left-hand sidebar.


Select any of your courses and click “Classcraft Experience Points” to modify settings on a per-course basis. Click “Toggle all” to enable or disable XP rewards for all assignments in all your modules. You can also enable or disable specific assignments by toggling them in the list.

Note: Assignments can be assigned to several modules. Enabling or disabling rewards for an assignment in one module will do so in every other module.

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