What changes can I expect in the new Classcraft experience?

With the new Classcraft experience finally here, you may be wondering what awaits you (and your account). Let's go over the major changes you can expect when you start this whole new adventure.

Please note that all images in this article are works in progress and the final product may be a little different.

Here's how and when these changes will occur:

  • If you create a new account you’ll automatically be using the new version.
  • If you already have an account, you’ll be prompted to switch to the new experience, but beware: once you start the new experience, you won’t be able to return to the legacy version! Don't worry, you won't have to change right away because as we’ll support the existing version until the end of 2021.

You can dive right in or pick a topic of particular interest from the following list:

Action Points

Legacy version

  • Action Points are a resource that enables students to use powers that have various costs and effects
  • Each character class has a specific number of Action Points, ranging from 30 to 50
  • A few Action Points are restored every day 

Game Dashboard — AP


Use powers


New experience

  • The concept of Action Points will be replaced with a new, more accessible resource called Crystals
  • The number of Crystals will be a lot lower, but powers will also cost less. Smaller numbers are easier to understand and icons declutter the interface
  • Students automatically earn one Crystal when leveling up
  • In Chapters 1 and 2 students will have up to four Crystals at any given time
  • In Chapter 3 and 4, the maximum number of Crystals will depend on each character class
  • Automatic Crystal regeneration will also unlock in Chapter 4

Student profile — Crystals


Student profile — Powers


As a concept, Action Points (or AP) are not concrete and can be difficult for some people to grasp. By making them a resource, much like Gold Pieces, we are making it simpler to equate Crystals to something real.


This is a brand-new concept!

When a teacher starts the adventure, there’s just so much to know, understand, and do. For some teachers, this can be overwhelming. Instead of presenting all the new concepts at once, we want you to be able to progress at your own pace and remain where you feel most comfortable as long as you need.

Chapters and features

  • Introduction (mandatory)
    • Select positive behaviors
    • Select universal powers
    • Add your student list (no accounts or characters)
  • Chapter 1
    • Give Experience Points for good behavior
    • Use universal powers that grant special privileges by spending Crystals
    • Stopwatch
    • Timer
    • Volume Meter
    • Random Picker
  • Chapter 2
    • Gold Pieces
    • Student account creation
    • Characters without classes (appearance only)
    • Basic gear & pets
    • Messaging
    • Quests
    • School Store (if applicable)
  • Chapter 3
    • Character classes and their unique gear, pets, and powers
    • Teams
    • Random Events
    • Kudos
  • Chapter 4
    • Hearts and negative behaviors
    • Game-based powers (like Heal or Protect)
    • Pledges
    • Hearts and Crystal regeneration
    • Class Tools with Hearts
    • Formative Review
    • Grade Converter

If you have an existing class that already has students with characters when you switch to the new experience, it’ll automatically start in Chapter 4. You can still go quickly from Chapter 1 through 4 to see the whole experience if you like.



In Classcraft, every student can have a single character at a time. These characters can be customized with gear sets and pets (Premium or school license) by students for a truly unique experience.

Legacy version

  • Each student needs a character to take part in the adventure
  • Each character has a class, unique stats, gears, pets, and powers
  • A student playing in multiple classes has a single character
  • Teachers can modify the maximum stats for each character class as long as no student is Multi-Class

Dashboard with no character set up


Student list with no character set up


New experience

  • Students can join the adventure and earn Experience Points whether they have a character or not (For example: in Chapter 1, students don't have characters)
  • In Chapter 2, characters have new, universal gear, pets, and powers
  • Character classes are unlocked in Chapter 3, along with their gear, pets, and some unique powers
  • Character stats can no longer be changed

Dashboard with no character set up


Student list with no character set up



Class progression

This is a brand-new concept!

The class progression’s purpose is twofold: to take you from one chapter to the next as you progress naturally through your Classcraft adventure, and to act as a repository for tutorials and coaching.

Your first contact with the class progression will be on your Game Dashboard. It's a rather large button that looks like an Experience bar. The bar will automatically fill up as you give Experience Points to your students, thus the name class progression.



By clicking on this button, you’ll see the expanded class progression screen. Cards will guide you in setting up your account and using the tools at your disposal for each chapter. Because you can scroll to see what’s ahead, there shouldn’t be any surprises. This also means that you can choose when you want to learn about a new feature and unlock it — pressure free!


To view what one of the cards is about, you'll click on it to open a tutorial that will guide you through the feature. Once your progress bar for a chapter fills up, we’ll invite you to switch to the next chapter, but never force you to. If you don’t feel ready, you can always go back to it later in the class progression.


Class settings

In your class settings, you’ll still be able to manage anything for tools and features you’ve already unlocked. For example: in Chapter 1, you won't be able to edit anything regarding Hearts because you have yet to unlock this feature. The settings will appear naturally once you unlock Chapter 4.

It will no longer be possible to change the maximum values for Hearts and Crystals (formerly known as Action Points). These values are now fixed whether your students are Multi-Class or not.

Class Tools

Class Tools are features that bring delight and fun to certain aspects of classroom management. Class Tools themselves won't change a lot but they will be unlocked at different points of your journey. This is usually because sometimes you need to unlock other features first!

Here’s when each tool will become available:

  • Stopwatch: Chapter 1
  • Timer: Chapter 1
  • Volume Meter: Chapter 1 (Hearts feature: Chapter 4)
  • Random Picker: Chapter 1
  • Random Events: Chapter 3 (Hearts feature: Chapter 4)
  • Kudos: Chapter 3
  • Formative Review: Chapter 4
  • Grade Converter: Chapter 4


Experience Points (XP)

Legacy version

  • Original yellow color
  • Students need a character to earn Experience Points (XP)
  • Students playing in multiple classes have to obtain more XP to level up
  • On the Game Dashboard, we display the total XP acquired (and the new total needed to level up), which can be big numbers

Game Dashboard — XP



New experience

  • Shiny new purple color
  • Possible to give Experience Points to students who don’t have accounts or characters
  • Because Teacher Connect no longer exists, all students in a class will require the same amount of Experience Points to level up
    • With school licenses, this is determined by a student’s grade and can be configured at the school level
    • With a single license, teachers can determine this in their class settings
  • On the Class Dashboard, we’ll display only the current Experience Points and the level cap, so numbers will appear smaller and less overwhelming

Student profile — Experience Points


Game Dashboard

Legacy version

  • The default view of the Game Dashboard displays one student’s profile (which isn’t really fair for other students)
  • Two other views are available in the top navigation: Teams and Class; however they are not easy to see
  • Requires lots of scrolling and clicking to give points

Game Dashboard


Accessing the other views


New experience

  • The default view will now be a list of student avatars (see below), that contains far more students than the legacy Game Dashboard
  • It’ll be possible to select multiple (or all) students directly from the dashboard
  • A team view will be available, resembling the legacy view in list form, but accessible in a manner similar to how other apps work
  • A view similar to the legacy Game Dashboard will be accessible by viewing a student’s profile; it will also be possible to navigate from student to student for teachers who prefer the legacy view
  • You’ll be able to give points in two clicks

Class Dashboard


Accessing the other views



Profile view with student listNEW_profile_view.jpg


Gold Pieces

Gold Pieces become available only in Chapter 2.


Health Points (HP)

Legacy version

  • Students' Health Points (HP) vary from 30 to 80 depending on character class
  • HP is displayed in numbers
  • On the Game Dashboard, the term HP is used

Game Dashboard — HP


Class settings — HP game rules


New experience

  • Brand new color to match our new branding
  • Changing name to Hearts
  • Will be represented by a heart (heart_40px.png) whenever possible, an easily recognized symbol
  • Hearts only becomes available in Chapter 4
  • Each character class has a different number of heart_40px.png, but the numbers have been reduced to be more easily manageable (dividing all values by 5)
  • We removed numbers from the interface wherever possible
  • Powers like Heal and Protect have been re-calibrated to affect a lower number of heart_40px.png

Student profile — Hearts


Class settings — Hearts game rules



Level up

Legacy version

  • Students are expected to level up once every 2-3 weeks
  • When a student reaches level 18, they have unlocked all gear sets and powers
  • At every level, students unlock access to a new gear set, a handful of Gold Pieces, and a single Power Point

New experience

  • Students who do well should level up, on average, once a week
  • Students may need to achieve much higher levels to unlock everything
  • At every level, students obtain a Crystal and some Gold Pieces
  • Every few levels, students unlock new powers and access to new gear sets
  • Students no longer gain Power Points when leveling up as they are not required anymore

When it takes a really long time for students to level up, they might feel discouraged. Because there was a limit of 18 levels that granted rewards to students, XP had to be given more sparingly. By removing the Power Tree, we free ourselves from the maximum number of levels and enable a more open-ended experience for students.

Also, over time, it may be possible for teachers to add rewards past the last gear set unlocks (like new powers)!



Because Messaging requires students to have accounts, it will only be available from Chapter 2.



Legacy version

  • Teachers can use either the mobile Web version or the companion app to access Classcraft on a mobile device
  • Accessible features vary depending on which version is used:
    • Web browser: Create a class, Collective Feedback (if applicable), School Store (if applicable)
    • Companion app: Points, Learn and use powers, Messaging, game feed, delayed damage, Random Events, Wheel of Destiny, pledges, Analytics (if applicable)

Mobile — Teacher Dashboard


Companion app — Game Dashboard



New experience

  • The companion app will replicate the mobile Web version, making them a near-identical experience
  • The following features should be available on mobile at release:
    • Teacher: Positive and negative behavior management
    • Teacher: Messaging
    • Teacher: Powers
    • Student: Quests
    • Student: Gear
    • Student: Pet training
    • Student: Character view

Mobile — Game Dashboard


Mobile — Student profile



Power Points

Because we’re replacing the legacy Power Tree structure with a system where all possible rewards (powers, gear sets, etc…) are unlocked over time, Power Points will no longer exist in the new experience.

Power Tree

Legacy version

  • Every time they level up, students earn one Power Point (PP)
  • There are three levels of powers:
    • Basic powers: Cost 1 PP to learn
    • Intermediate powers: Cost 2 PP to learn
    • Advanced powers: Cost 3 PP to learn
  • To learn some more advanced powers (e.g. Heal 1 to learn Heal 2), students have to know some powers already
  • May be difficult to navigate and requires teachers to memorize all 27 powers from the get-go
  • Lots of freedom for students to go for the powers that may be really strong, really fast
  • Has an exact number of nine powers
  • Can be accessed by clicking on “Learn/View Powers” button

Power Tree


Accessing the Power Tree


New experience

  • Powers are learned at fixed levels and don’t require expending any resource to learn
  • Some powers are deemed “Universal”, all characters will have access to it regardless of their character class (or lack thereof)
  • Some powers are only accessible at certain chapters:
    • Chapter 3: Personal or academic powers that depend on a student’s character class
    • Chapter 4: Game-based powers
  • In the long run, no maximum amount of powers
  • Less information for teachers upfront because powers unlock as they play, and they aren’t all available from the start
  • Can be accessed by clicking on a student’s level in the profile view

Student rewards


Accessing the student rewards




Because Quests require an account, they will become available in Chapter 2.


School Store

Because the School Store requires Gold Pieces, they will only be available with a school or district license (starting in Chapter 2).



We’ll be prompting teachers to create them in Chapter 3, as they make sense to use with Chapter 3 and 4 tools and features. Teams can be created beforehand, as long as there are students in the group, or not at all if a teacher chooses to forgo teams altogether.


For more information on upcoming changes, check out our blog post and online webinar about the new Classcraft experience!