Tiers 2 & 3 intervention

With School Kits and Tier 1 interventions, you can encourage and discourage behaviors for all of the students in your school or district. However, some students need a little extra assistance! Tier 2 & 3 interventions help you promote behaviors for specific students or groups of students.

With Tier 2, you can target behaviors in specific groups of students. These are associated with student labels. If a Tier 2 behavior is assigned to a label, all the students assigned that same label will have access to this behavior.

On the other hand, Tier 3 behaviors are targeted to specific, individual students. When you create a Tier 3 behavior, you can directly assign it to one student or more for intensive intervention.

Creating a new behavior

Tiers 2 & 3 share the same behavior list. This list, however, is different from the Tier 1 settings. When you create a new targeted behavior, you can decide to assign it to one or more student labels or students.

To create and assign behaviors, click on “Tiers 2 & 3” on the dashboard’s sidebar. Once you’re in the Tiers 2 & 3 section, click on “Add Behavior” to begin.

Tier 2

Start by entering a description for your behavior and select a priority like you would for any other behavior. If you want, you can select a goal or competency to assign to this behavior. To assign your new behavior to existing labels, click in the search bar and enter your label’s name.


Once you create your behavior, it will be visible for all the students assigned to this label. When ready, click on “Save” to create your behavior or “Save and create new” to create another behavior afterward. You may also assign labels to students through your student list later.

Tier 3

Enter a description for your behavior and select a priority like you would for any other behavior. If you want, you can select a goal or a competency to assign to this behavior. To assign your behavior to existing students, click the “Select Students” button, which displays your whole student list.


Search for the ones you want to assign this behavior to and select them by clicking in the checkboxes. When you’ve selected all the students to assign to this behavior, click on “Save.” You may also assign behaviors to individual students later by editing your behavior.

You can use the same behavior for both Tiers 2 and 3 intervention.

Assigning Tier 2 & 3 behaviors

If you want to change the students or labels a behavior is assigned to, or if you want to assign an existing behavior to other students, proceed to the Tiers 2 & 3 section of your dashboard. Click on the behavior and scroll down the edit pop up to select new labels or students.


If you have already assigned labels to a Tier 2 behavior, or if you want to assign behaviors on a student basis, click on "Students" on your side panel. To assign a label to a student, select a student, click the "..." button and "Change Labels."

For Tier 3 behaviors, select your student in the list and click the "Tiers 2 & 3" tab in their student profile. Click the "Assign Tier 3 Behavior." You can choose an existing behavior from the list or create a new one.

Deleting a behavior

To delete a behavior you no longer use, click on “...” to open the submenu. Select “Delete” and confirm.

Assigning a goal

Like Tier 1 behaviors, you can assign goals and competencies to existing behaviors. Scroll down the list to see the goals that are not assigned to any goal. Tick the checkboxes of behaviors you want to assign to the same goal and click the grey “Assign Goal” button.

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