Running the Student Introducer

You prepared your student introduction, this means that your initial set up is done and you’re ready to invite your students to take part in the adventure!


If you have mistakenly run the Introducer without your students, you can play it again from your Teacher Dashboard.

  • Find the class you want to introduce to your students
  • Click the “...” button to open the submenu
  • Select “Introducer”


Start by watching the “What Is Classcraft?” video with your students. It explains what Classcraft is and how it’s played. Click “Next” when you’re ready to continue.

Explain what Experience Points (XP), Health Points (HP), and pledges are to your students. If you haven’t printed out your Rules Summary yet, you can do so now.

Click “Next” to continue.

You can then go over the different character classes, their strengths, weaknesses, and roles. If you’ve printed out the Rules Summary, it’s a great moment to go over the powers with your students. After all, they should select a character class with powers they like!

You’ll then go over teams. If you haven’t set up your teams, you can create them now. Your students can then pick a team name, crest, and background.

Once you’ve gone over the basics with the Introducer, you or your students will be able to create their characters to begin playing!

NEXT: Creating student characters

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