Reviewing powers

Powers are special abilities that students can learn after earning enough Experience Points (XP) and leveling up. These powers grant them special in-game abilities and privileges.

Before you set up your class, your school administrator will have created a list of powers to use schoolwide. To review them, click on the “Review Powers” button for your class on the Teacher Dashboard:


Start by watching the Powers video tutorial. If you’ve missed it or want to watch it again, click here.

You can review each character's nine powers.

  • Start with the Guardians
  • Click "Next" to view the Healers' powers
  • Click "Next" again to view the Mages' powers

There’s a handful of powers that can’t be edited beyond their names because they’re necessary for game balance. These are called game powers. Other powers can be freely edited when you’re done setting up your class. Learn more about powers here.

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