Reviewing behaviors and pledges

You can complete the three first steps of your class setup in any order, but let’s first learn how to review the behavior settings and pledges provided by your school. If you haven’t already, be sure to watch the second Classcraft 101 video about setting up your classes.

Click on “Review Behaviors” to get started.


For more information, start by watching the video about Behavior Presets. If you missed it or want to watch it again, click here!

When you’re ready, click “Next” to begin reviewing the behaviors provided by your school.

First, you’ll see a list of positive behaviors. These are the behaviors your school administrators want you to encourage. Each behavior rewards students with Experience Points (XP), Gold Pieces (GP), or both. Learn more about positive behaviors here.


Don’t worry! You can add behaviors to this list later.

Click “Next” to view a list of negative behaviors. When students display these behaviors, you’ll remove Health Points (HP) from their characters. The more important a behavior is, the higher the HP penalty, and the more you should focus on this behavior. Learn more about negative behaviors here. 


You can also add negative behaviors specific to your class once your initial setup is complete.

Click “Next” to view a list of pledges. When a student displays too many negative behaviors and loses all their HP, they may fall and have to complete a random task. This task comes from your pledges list.


You can add pledges to this list after your initial class setup is complete.

NEXT: Reviewing powers

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