Creating student characters

Character creation can be done either by the students themselves as they set up their accounts, or by you through your Class Settings.

Students create

Your students can create their own characters while setting up their accounts with their devices or home computer. If you want your students to create their characters, make sure to print and distribute the student codes document.

They can create their accounts at by inputting their student code and clicking “Next.”


They’ll then need to decide if they want to register with a username or a Google, Twitter, Facebook, or Microsoft account.

When they log in, they’ll need to select the character they want to play:


Teacher creates

If you prefer, or if your students don’t have access to personal devices, you can create their characters from your Class Settings.

  • On your Teacher Dashboard, select the class you want to create characters for
  • Click on the wheel icon (mceclip0.png) to access your Class Settings
  • Select "Students"
  • Find the student you want to create the character of and click "Set Up Character"


When setting up a character, select a character class, appearance, and a student’s first power (this can be set up later). Click on “Finish” when you’re done.

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