Preparing the student introduction

After reviewing your behaviors and powers and assigning students to your class, a new step will automatically unlock. We’ve put together a number of documents and videos to help you present Classcraft to your students.

To begin, click on “Prepare Student Introduction” on your Teacher Dashboard.


Start by watching the video tutorial about Student Codes to better understand how to invite students to create their accounts and join your class. If you have skipped it or want to watch it again click here.

Click on “Next” when you’re ready.

The documents presented in this section will help you present Classcraft to your students:

  • Rules Summary: This is a summary of all the positive and negative behaviors in your classroom, powers for each character class, pledges, and general terms. Note: If you add custom behaviors or pledges or edit powers at a later date, you can print out the Rules Summary as often as needed.
  • Team Sheets: This option is only available if you have already set up teams. This document contains a breakdown of each team and its members. You can also distribute sheets to each team so they can easily pick a name, a crest, and a background. Note: If you haven’t set up teams already or want to print this document later, you can do so with the Introducer feature.
  • Hero Pact: This is a contract between you and the students representing your commitment to engage them in playing the game until the end. Students may opt-out of playing Classcraft by not signing the Hero Pact.
  • Student codes: This document provides each student with your class code, their parent and student codes, and instructions to create their accounts.


Once you’ve printed and checked out the documents, click “Next” to continue. A short video explains what the Introducer feature does. When you’re done watching, click “Next” then “Get Started” to finish creating your class.

Once you click “Continue” you’ll be able to present Classcraft to your students.

NEXT: Running the Student Introducer

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