Assigning students to your class

Because you’re part of a school that’s playing Classcraft, your administrators should have already created accounts for all students in your school. There are three ways to add students to a class:

Please note: As a teacher who’s part of a school playing Classcraft, you can’t create accounts for students. You have different ways to assign existing students to your class, however. If you can’t find a student, contact the person in charge of implementing Classcraft at your school so they can add them to the database.

Click on the “Assign Students” button on your Teacher Dashboard to begin:


Student Database

When you click “Assign Students,” you'll see the list of students your school administrator has created. This is known as the “Student Database.” Use the search bar to find the students you want to assign to your class. You can search by first name, last name, and labels.


Select the students you want to add to your class by ticking the checkbox beside their names and clicking on the “Assign to Class” button.

Google Classroom

If you’re using Google Classroom with your students, instead of manually searching for each student, you can search from your Google Classroom roster.

  • Click "Assign Students"
  • Select "Other Ways to Add Students"
  • Click "Use Google Classroom"
  • Log in to Google Classroom
  • Select the class you want to import students from
  • Select your students in the list
  • Confirm your selection


Class code

Your students may already have an account but no active character. This usually happens when first starting the year. When they have an account, students can join your class directly with your class code.

  • Click on "Assign Students"
  • Select "Other Ways to Add Students"
  • Click on "Use Class Code"

Students will then need to enter your code on their account profile after archiving any character they're no longer using.


After assigning students to your class, you’ll be prompted to create teams. You can create your teams right away or skip this step for now. Click on a student’s name and drag them to a team or to the “Add a Team” field to set up teams now.

When you’re done, confirm by clicking “Done.”

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