Google Forms Quiz objectives

When building a quest, you’ll notice a new objective type!  With this new BETA type of objective, you can attach a self-grading Google Forms Quiz directly to a quest objective.


Your students will be able to complete and submit their quiz directly within Classcraft. You can even choose to make these objectives self-paced, sending students who pass the test one way, and students who don't another way.

Important notes:

  • Discussions can't be enabled to prevent students from easily sharing answers.
  • Because of the nature of these objectives, quests containing Google Forms objectives can't be shared on the Marketplace or with other teachers.
  • If you duplicate a quest with Google Forms objectives or assign it to different classes, the same form and response sheet will be used across all versions of the quest.

Let's see how it works!

Creating and setting up your form on Google Drive

Before you create a Google Forms objective, make sure that your Google and Classcraft accounts are linked through your account profile. If they’re not linked, you’ll be prompted to sign in to Google when selecting this objective type.

You can’t create a form while you’re creating the objective: it needs to be done beforehand. To ensure that your Google Form works as expected with Classcraft, start by making it a quiz. Click on the gear icon in Google Forms to view the form’s settings. Click on “Quizzes” and select “Make this a quiz.”


In the “General” tab, check the “Collect email addresses” to enable us to check your students’ scores and make them progress easily. Your students will need to log in to a Google email address to answer the quiz. The email address they provide in the Quiz needs to match the one in their Classcraft account for the Self-Paced Progress to work.

Finally, check “Limit to 1 response” unless you want your students to be able to submit their answers more than once. You can disable this option if you want to give students who previously failed a second chance to meet the passing grade.


If you want the quiz to self-grade and ensure students progress smoothly in your quest, make sure to attribute points to all your questions and select the following types of questions:

  • Multiple choices
  • Checkboxes
  • Short answers

You can add other types of questions, but make sure to uncheck the Self-Paced Progress option when creating your objective.

When you’ve finished creating your quiz, click on the “Responses” tab. Click on the Google Spreadsheet icon and create a sheet where the responses will be stored. Make sure to give the response sheet a name you’ll easily remember!


If your Google account is not set to English, open your Responses sheet and make sure to change the header names to English. These should be:

  • Email Address
  • Score

Now that your quiz is ready, you can create a quest objective in Classcraft!

Creating a Google Forms objective

To create a Google Forms objective, also known as a self-grading quiz, enter an objective name and select "Google Forms Quiz."


If your Google and Classcraft accounts are not already linked, you’ll be prompted to log in to Google.

Fill in the story as you would for another objective (this is optional!) and click on the “Task” tab when you’re ready.

Click on the green “Select Form” button to choose a Google Forms quiz that you already set up on your Google Drive. Then, click on the green “Select Spreadsheet” to select the Google Sheet where the answers to your quiz will be stored.

You can then select a passing grade. If your students achieve the passing grade, they will automatically move on to the next objective. If they don’t, they will take the path you created for progress that is not satisfactory. Learn more about branching paths here.

The grade should be based on the total score of your quiz. For example, if you have a quiz based on 20 points, you could set the passing grade at 12.

Once you’re ready, click “Next” to continue.


In the “Progress” tab, you can choose to provide a reward for achieving the passing grade and decide if your objective is self-paced or not. If you enable Self-Paced Progress, make sure to use only the following types of questions in your quiz:

  • Multiple choices
  • Checkboxes
  • Short answers

If your quiz has other types of questions, the Self-Paced Progress may not work as expected. For this reason, we suggest deactivating self-pacing and progressing students to the next objective yourself, once you’ve corrected their quiz. Learn more about evaluating a student’s progress here.

Correcting a Google Forms Quiz objective

You can correct your quiz directly through the Google Drive form. To directly access the correct quiz from Classcraft, click on the “View” button in the Overview tab of the Progress Center.


Once you’re done grading in your Google Forms, click the “Refresh” button to sync your students’ grades with Forms.

If your objective is Self-Paced, the outcome will be automatically selected according to your students’ grades. Otherwise, you’ll need to manually select whether your students’ progress was satisfactory or not, but you can use their grade as a guide.

When you create your path, be mindful of your branching paths. If you did not select a specific path for progress that is not satisfactory, your students may remain stuck in this objective.

If you'd like, you can allow students who failed to take the quiz again. To do so, proceed to your Google Drive quiz and uncheck “Limit to 1 response” in the general settings:


You may also manually set the progress of students directly from your Progress Center. However, we advise using branching paths to send students who need more practice toward more resources or extra exercises. 

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