Google Classroom integration for teachers

While Google Classroom doesn’t have a school or district feature, teachers in your school can sign up for Classcraft using their Google account.

If they have already created a Classcraft account, they can link it to their Google account through their profile. Once their accounts are linked, they can log in using their Google account instead of an email and password.

Connecting a Classcraft and Google also enables a teacher to attach Google Drive files to messages, quests, and discussion posts.

If a teacher uses Google Classroom with the same account, they can also:

  • Import students from their Google Classroom classes, as long as they’re in your Student Database or their email address domain name is part of your approved list. This makes adding students to a class faster and easier for teachers!
  • Create assignments in Google Classroom and link them to quest objectives so that students can turn in their Google Classroom work directly into Classcraft. This makes building their curriculum easier!