By praising one another, students make school a more positive experience! Kudos are short, specific, and meaningful notes praising one or multiple peers for their actions or behaviors.

As an administrator, you can see all the Kudos that were sent by students and published on the Kudos wall. You can even create presentations to share with parents or faculty members. Learn more about:

The Kudos Wall

Click Kudos in your sidebar navigation to access the Kudos Wall where you can see the teacher-approved kudos sent by students. If you want to view only a selection of kudos, filter the list with dates.

Click on a Kudos to view the full version from which you can navigate from one Kudos to the next with the arrows.


Sharing a presentation

Kudos presentations are a great way to display uplifting messages throughout your whole school! To begin, click the Share button in the top right corner of the Kudos section.

If asked, accept the student privacy notice (refer to our Privacy Policy if needed). Note that anyone with access to the link will be able to view the presentation. Copy and share the shareable link as needed.

A presentation automatically goes from one Kudos to the next after a set period of time and will restart once the loop is complete.

Managing presentations

Click on the More options (...) button in the top right corner to view the link list and edit the settings.

Shareable links

This is the list of all shareable links created for your school. You’ll see who created the link and what dates it’s sharing kudos for.

Click on the More options (...) button for any entry to view or delete the link.


You can pick what you want displayed on your Kudos Wall and presentations in the Kudos settings.

For example, you can decide if you want to display students’ full names or Kudos from archived classes.

Be careful! Changing your display settings affects all of your presentations (pre-existing and new).