Sending and viewing kudos

Kudos are a fun way to thank or praise students in your class. Want to highlight someone’s behavior? Send them a kudos!

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Sending a kudos

Sending a kudos is easy!

If you want to send a kudos to a specific student:

  • Find your classmate in the player list
  • Click “Send Kudos” below their game statistics

If you want to send a kudos to a whole team:

  • Select the “Teams” tab on your Game Dashboard
  • Find the team you want to praise
  • Click on the green “Send Kudos” button

You can also click on the Kudos Box (kudos_icon.png) icon on the sidebar and click on the green “Send Kudos” button in the top right corner.

Sending a kudos interface

Decide who you want to send your kudos to: A single student? Several students? A whole team? Select “Student(s)” or “Team,” then pick the recipient.

Pick the type of kudos you want to send:

  • Great Job
  • Thank You
  • Totally Awesome
  • Very Happy

Write a meaningful message for your classmate(s). Make your kudos extra special by formatting your text and including a picture, link, or video! Beware, though! Your teacher needs to approve a kudos before your classmates can see it so be careful when you write it.

If you want to see what your kudos will look like on the Class Wall, click on “Preview.” When you’re ready, click on “Submit” to send your kudos to your teacher.

Teacher feedback

Your teacher needs to approve your kudos before your whole class can see it. They may ask you to review your kudos or even delete it.

If your teacher wants you to make some changes to a kudos, you’ll get a message explaining what you need to review, and the kudos will appear in the “Needs Review” section of your outbox.

Kudos needing to be reviewed

Click on a kudos that needs review to edit it. When you’re done, submit it again.

Viewing kudos

To view your class’ kudos:

  • Click on the Kudos Box (Shrine of the Ancient kudos icon) icon in the side bar and
  • Select the “Class Wall” tab

You can filter the class wall to see only the kudos you received, or to see the ones that were sent this month or this week. Click on any filter to apply it immediately.

Kudos filters

To view the kudos you sent but that don't appear on your Class Wall yet, click on “Outbox” and scroll to the “Sent” section.

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