Game feed

The game feed is where you can find the full list of what's happening in your classroom, in the order that it happens.

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The game feed is a great tool that can be used by you, the teacher, students, and their parents. Learn more about:

Class Dashboard overlay

Anywhere on your Class Dashboard, click the game feed journal icon (mceclip0.png) in the top right corner to view the list of events that happened in this class. These items include (but are not limited to):

  • Changes in Experience Points, Crystals, Gold Pieces, and Hearts along with the reason
  • Student level up
  • Power use
  • Grade Converter event
  • Random Event results
  • Pledges
  • Class Tools results

Students & parents view

Students and parents can see a limited version of the game feed that includes less information. Students can see information related to the class or their team depending on your settings.

Parents, on the other hand, can only see information related to their own child: no other student name is used in this version. If their child have been helped out by another student or help them out, this is exactly how they're referred to: another player.


Analytics view

You can also view the whole game feed in the Analytics by selecting the game feed tab. Here, you can see the same information as on the overlay game feed but you can also delete existing events. To delete an event:

  • On the game feed section of the Analytics page, find the entry you want to remove from the list
  • Click the More options (...) button
  • Select Delete

When you do delete an entry:

  • It will no longer appear in the game feed or Analytics
  • Any results of the entry (gained Experience Points or levels, lost Crystals) will not be lost or reverted by deleting the entry

Game feed options

In the class settings, in the Interface section, you can edit some game feed options:

  • Hide the description of Experience Points and Hearts reasons: Normally the reason for gaining or losing points appear in brackets, while this option is enabled, it will no longer appear:
  • Hide Experience Points and Hearts from grades in the game feed: By enabling this option, whenever you use the Grade Converter, the results will no longer appear in the game feed.