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By praising one another, students make school a more positive experience! Kudos should be short, specific, and meaningful notes praising one or multiple peers for their actions or behaviors.

Submitting kudos (students)

From the player list

Students can select any student in the Game Dashboard (except themselves, of course!) and then:

  • Click on the “Send Kudos” button below the game stats
  • Start writing kudos for a specific student

From the team list

Clicking the green “Send Kudos” button below a team on the Game Dashboard enables students to start writing kudos to a whole team, even theirs!

From the Kudos section of their dashboard

By selecting the Kudos (kudos_icon.png) icon on the sidebar, students can open their view of the Shrine of Ancients. Click the “Send Kudos” button on the Class Wall or in the outbox to start the process.


Kudos can be sent to one or multiple students or to any given team. There are four types of kudos:

  • Great Job
  • Thank You
  • Totally Awesome
  • Very Happy

Once they have selected a recipient and a type, students can personalize their kudos by entering a meaningful message in the text editor. They can even include images, links, or videos in their message!

Once the kudos is ready, a student can preview it or submit it for your approval. A submitted kudos can no longer be edited!

Want to see how it works? Try it out in the demo class!

Approving kudos

Friendly suggestion: Do not approve kudos while displaying Classcraft on a projector.

After a student submits their kudos, it will be waiting in your kudos inbox. There are two ways to access your Inbox while kudos are waiting for you:

1) Click on the Class Tools (class_tools_icon.png) icon in the sidebar and select the Shrine of the Ancients. Click on the “Inbox” tab to view all pending kudos.

2) Check your to-dos in your Activity Center or using the To-dos icon (mceclip0.png) to open the overlay. Scroll to the bottom section of the To-dos and click on the Approve Kudos line.

The kudos that have yet to be approved appear first in the list:


The displayed information tells you who sent the kudos and who it’s for, and gives you a short preview of the message. Click on a kudos in the “Awaiting Approval” section to review it.


After you review the kudos, you can:

  • Approve: Select “Approve” if the kudos can be published on the Class Wall as is.

  • Request changes: If a kudos is good but needs a bit of work (such as correcting a typo or removing an image), you can send it back to your student and ask for a review. You must provide feedback to the sender.

  • Delete: If a kudos is unacceptable, you can simply delete it. This could be for kudos containing profanity, spam, etc.

    Tip: If unacceptable kudos are an issue in your classroom, consider creating a behavior preset to remove HP whenever a student submits a problematic kudos.

  • Double the rewards: If a kudos is exceptionally thoughtful or well-written, or if the highlighted good deed deserves extra praise, you can double the default rewards by marking the kudos as amazing. You can change the default rewards in your settings at any time.

  • Auto-Publish: You can make approved kudos automatically visible on the Class Wall. Your students will also be rewarded for approved kudos immediately. You can also change this option in your settings.

Students won’t be able to read one another’s kudos until you publish them on the Class Wall, which means you can approve them ahead of time and publish them only when you’re ready.

Publishing and presenting kudos

Approved kudos remain in your inbox until you publish them to your Class Wall, which also grants rewards to senders and recipients.

To publish kudos:

  • Open the Shrine of the Ancients in your Class Tools
  • Select the "Inbox" tab
  • Click the green "Publish Kudos" button in the upper right corner

Note: Kudos that are “Awaiting Approval” will not be published, but all others will.

You can choose to present published kudos to the class. This is especially awesome if you’re displaying Classcraft on a projector!

Presenting kudos

Click on the green “Present Kudos” button on your Class Wall to display kudos one by one. Before the presentation starts, choose the dates you want to present for:


You can choose to present kudos from this week, this month, all time, or a specific date range. Click “Present” to begin!

Go to the next or previous kudos using the arrows on your keyboard or by clicking on the arrows on the side of the presentation view:


Click the “Back” button to end the presentation and return to your Class Wall.

Deleting kudos

Mistakes happen, we get that! You may have approved and published a kudos you didn't mean for students to see yet (or at all). To delete a kudos, view your Class Wall and click the "..." button. Select "Delete Kudos" to permanently remove and delete the kudos.

Kudos settings

Kudos settings can be edited in your class settings:


Here, you can set rewards for students who send and receive kudos. As these rewards are granted when kudos are published, you can change the rewards after approving kudos, if needed.

We suggest setting a small reward so students won’t try to use the kudos system to rake up a lot of points and level up quickly. Uncheck a reward type to remove it.

Check “Auto-Publish” if you want your:

  • kudos to be automatically published to your Class Wall 
  • students to receive their rewards as soon as you approve their kudos

Note: You can also change this setting as you’re approving kudos.

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