How do I set up Classcraft for a new school year?

When a new school year rolls in, you’ll have to set up Classcraft to include your new students, teachers, and labels.

Note: If your school or district roster is synced to ClassLink ou Clever, all you need to do before the year starts is manage the labels you manually created in Classcraft (if any).

Here’s a quick guide on how to prepare for a new year:

1. Remove students

Make a list of all the students who will not attend your school during the new year. Proceed to the “Students” section of your School or District Dashboard (under “Users”). Use labels (i.e. “Grade 5”), student name, email, or teacher name to filter the list.


Click the “Remove” button, tick the two checkboxes, and confirm to remove students from your school. Removing students from your school does not delete their accounts, but they will no longer have access to their classes, and their characters will automatically be archived.

2. Archive characters

When the year starts, students should have the same level. Their characters should be archived beforehand so that they all can create a brand-new level one character. While teachers or students can also archive characters, it’s a good idea for you to do it because you can archive all characters at the same time.

Search for the students who have been playing Classcraft and will play again in a new class. Tick their name and click the “Archive Character” button.


Tick the checkbox and click on “Archive” to confirm. Archiving a character does not remove the student from the school, and it does not delete their account.

Instead, when they log back in, they’ll be able to join a new class and create a new character.

If a character was mistakenly archived, a student can “unarchive” it as needed. Learn more about this here.

3. Remove teachers

Like students, some teachers may need to be removed from your school roster. Proceed to the “Teachers” section of your School or District Dashboard (under “Users”) and search for the teachers you want to remove using labels, their name, or email. You can select several teachers at once, or remove them one by one.


Click on “Remove,” tick the checkbox, and confirm by clicking “Remove.” Removing a teacher from your school does not delete their account and they will not lose any content. They will no longer be associated with your school or have access to your student database.

4. Remove all labels

If you did not assign labels or if you’re not changing them or who they’re assigned to, you can skip this step.

On your student list, click “Manage Labels” in the top right corner. You can delete labels one at a time by hovering over them and clicking on the red trash can.


You can also delete all your student labels at once by clicking on “Delete All Labels.” Deleting a label automatically removes it from all the students it’s assigned to.

Once you have removed all student labels, proceed to the “Teachers” section and delete the teacher labels.

5. Upload a new CSV or XLSX with all your students

You’ll first need to prepare a .csv or .xlsx document following our template. Provide all of your students’ first and last names, emails, grades and labels (if any).

Make sure that existing students’ emails have the same email they currently have in Classcraft to avoid duplicates.


Proceed to the “Students” section of your School Dashboard and click on the “Add Students” button in the top right corner. Select if you want to upload a .csv or a .xlsx and upload your file. If you add labels to existing students, they will automatically be added in Classcraft as part of this step. When you’re ready, click “Create Students.”

6. Upload a new CSV or XLSX with all your teachers

Just like you did for your students, you’ll need to upload a .csv or .xlsx file containing all your teachers’ names, email, and labels. Labels will be created and applied when you click “Create Teachers.”

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