Classcraft Story Mode

To help you leverage the power of narrative in your classroom, the Classcraft team is happy to provide you with ready-made stories set in the universe of Classcraft. Each episode comes with three six-objective quests (including an introduction and a conclusion), a new map (already in game), and gorgeous artwork.

Check out the trailer for Season 1 to get you started!

How can I use Story Mode quests?

Each story episode contains three quests. To import these pre-made quests, go to the Story Mode homepage and check out Season 1. You can import story quests to your account one at a time. Click the import link, select the class you want to import your quest to, and click on “Import this Quest.”

Feel free to import quests ahead of time to prepare them. Your students can only see a quest when you make it visible to them! Learn more about this here.

After importing a Story Mode quest, but before making it visible, you should add tasks to the objectives that are not the introduction or the conclusion. Tasks can be created from any work you already have planned in your curriculum. Because they want to know what happens next in the story, students will be more eager to complete the objective task and advance in the story. Learn more about creating tasks here.

Your tasks can be completed in class and the objective self-paced. You can also ask your students to turn in assignments as part of the quest. Learn more about this here.

If your lesson plan requires more than six objectives, feel free to edit a story quest. You can add, remove, and edit objectives just like any regular quest. If you’re using a free account, quests can’t have more than six objectives for you to make them visible.

Can I create quests in the Classcraft universe?

Want to send your students on a sidequest? Feel inspired to create a quest yourself?

To help you create quests that are aligned with the story cannon, we have created a Story Guidebook that you can view here. Click on “Guidebook” and select a category to view.


Each article informs you about a specific topic. You’ll even find quest ideas to help you build around the subject.

Once you create a quest that aligns with the story, you can even share it with other teachers. If you share it on the Marketplace and prefer not sharing tasks, select the “Story only” option before submitting your quest.

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