Classcraft Lite Mode (Legacy)

Note: It is no longer possible to create new Lite classes.

When you create a new class, you may choose between Lite and Classic modes. In this article, you can learn more about Lite Mode.


What’s Classcraft Lite? How is it different from Classic?

Classcraft Lite provides a lighter experience with fewer features. It’s a great way to dip your toes into the waters of gamification. Because students don't have characters in this mode, you can worry less about details like gear and powers, and instead focus on features that will drive engagement for your whole class.

In Lite Mode, your class collaborates to earn points and unlock art tapestries. You’ll have access to certain tools like the Volume Meter, Random Events, and a single boss battle so you and your students can familiarize yourselves with Classcraft.

To learn more about Classic Mode, check out the Getting Started and Game Features sections of the Knowledge Center.

Navigating the Lite Mode interface

The Teacher Dashboard on the Lite version looks and feels the same as the regular dashboard. You can learn more about the Teacher Dashboard here.

Click a Lite class’s “Play” button to view its Game Dashboard, where you can give Experience Points (XP) to the class, view your challenges and tapestries, and access the Class Tools.


The top navigation enables you to switch to a different class and open your profile menu (view profile, connected apps, share Classcraft, and sign-out options). Use the sidebar navigation to:

  • Return to your Teacher Dashboard (mceclip0.png)
  • Return to your Game Dashboard (mceclip1.png)
  • View the Class Tools (mceclip2.png)
  • Enable or disable sound (mceclip3.png)
  • Obtain contextual help (mceclip4.png)

The backdrop of your Game Dashboard is the currently selected tapestry. You can switch to a different tapestry with the arrows in the lower right corner. Click on “Learn More” to visit the Story Guidebook and learn about the characters on the tapestry and the Classcraft universe. You can also click the outward arrows (mceclip5.png) to view the tapestry in full screen.

On the left side, you’ll see your class name, level, and Experience bar. Each segment of this bar unlocks a piece of the tapestry. Click on the yellow + button (mceclip6.png) to reward your whole class with Experience Points (XP) and fill up the bar.

Below your XP, you can see a list of challenges. Completing these gives your classroom extra XP and a little boost to unlock the tapestry.

Click on “Play Classic Version” if you want to convert your current Lite class to the Classic Mode. You can also directly contact support by clicking on “Got Questions?”.


Positive behaviors: Encouraging students with XP

In Lite Mode, you reward your whole class for their behavior. When you observe a positive behavior, you can choose to give your class XP for their good deed. To do so, click on the yellow + button (mceclip6.png) on your Game Dashboard, which brings up your behaviors list:


You can click on any behavior on the list to give your whole class XP or add a new behavior. To do so, select an XP value and input a description before clicking “Save.” Once you save it, your preset will be visible here every time. Try to create presets that give around the same XP value as the ones provided by your initial settings. This will help maintain a balanced experience by making sure your class doesn’t level too fast and can enjoy the game fully.

Note: Once you add a behavior to this list, you can’t remove or edit it!

Don’t forget that rewards are collective: If five students display the same behavior at the same time, there’s no need to give the same reward five times! Just once is enough.

Your class can also gain XP as a reward for class tools by completing a random event, remaining quiet when the Volume Meter is running, or defeating a powerful boss battle together.

By rewarding your students with XP and using Class Tools, you’ll automatically complete challenges, which give your class bonus XP. They help you level up faster but are completely optional! Focus on what works for you and your students.

Whenever you complete a segment of your XP bar, you’ll unlock a part of the tapestry. To unlock the whole image, you need to fill up the whole XP bar. When leveling up, you’ll sometimes unlock a brand new tapestry to complete so you can keep the adventure going.


Using the Class Tools

Click the toolbox (mceclip2.png) button on your sidebar to view the Class Tools:


In Classcraft Lite, you have access to three different class tools, whether you’re on Free or Premium. You can select from the following tools:

Random Events (The Riders of Vay)

Random Events are a great way to start any class and get students focused and ready to go. They can be silly, reward your class with Experience Points (XP), or favor communication and engagement. When the day starts, click on the toolbox icon and select “The Riders of Vay.”


Click on “See Event” to view a random event that hasn’t yet been used in this class. You can see how many random events you’ve played so far in the lower right corner. Click on the round arrow to reset the events played and make all of them available.

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the random events beforehand so that you’re not caught off-guard during class. To do so, click on “View Events” to display the full list.

After clicking “See Event,” complete the event with your class and click “Next” when you’re ready to move on. If there’s a reward attached to the event, it will be granted after clicking “Next.”


Curious what random events are like in Classic Mode? Check it out here!

Volume Meter (The Makus Valley)

The Volume Meter measures your classroom volume and helps your students stay focused and quiet. Make sure you’re using a compatible browser (Chrome, Edge, or Safari) and give your browser access to your microphone.

In Lite Mode, the reward is already set for you to provide you with a balanced experience. If you want, set a timer by clicking on “Add Timer” and inputting the appropriate time.

Next, set the volume threshold by moving the vertical bar. You can also adjust this while the tool is running. Ask your students to make some noise to find an acceptable level for you. When you’re ready, click “Start.”


If your students go above the threshold, you can decide if this was a “false alarm” or not. If it was not a false alarm and you decide to “Keep Going,” the reward will be halved but the Volume Meter will resume.

Need to give XP to your students while the Volume Meter is active? No problem! You can navigate to your Game Dashboard or other class tools while it runs in the background.


When you’re done, click on “Finish” to close the Volume Meter and reward your students.

Want to know what the Volume Meter is like in Classic Mode? Check it out here!

Formative Review (Boss Battle)

All Lite Mode classes have access to one boss battle. If you’re on Premium, you can have as many as you want on your account. Boss Battles are a great way to prepare your students for tests or quiz them to assess their learning. This informal assessment is done as a group activity where all students collaborate to defeat a common foe, the boss.


Your account comes with a default boss battle to introduce Classcraft. Click the “+New” or “+Create a New Battle” button to start creating your own. Click the pencil icon to edit an existing battle. You can't edit the pre-made boss battle, though!

Select a name, boss image, and Health Points (HP) value for your boss battle. Click the green checkmark and start adding, creating, or editing questions and answers. Learn how to create questions here.

Make sure that the “Total HP” of your questions exceeds the Boss HP when you’re done adding questions.

In Lite Mode, the reward for your boss battle is already set. Decide if you want to disable critical hits and misses or if you want to display the questions in a random order.

When you’re done, click the green checkmark to confirm.

To play a boss battle, select it from your list and then click “Next.” If you’ve already started this battle with your class before, you may choose to restart it or pick up where you left off.


During boss battles, your students will have to answer questions. When they provide an answer, click on “Reveal Answer” and decide if they answered correctly or not. A correct answer deals damage to the boss. An incorrect answer has no consequence. Your students must defeat the boss before questions run out to win the battle.

Want to learn more about Boss Battles? Check out how it works in Classic Mode!


Switching from Lite to Classic Mode

If you enjoy the Lite Mode and want to keep using it with your class, you don’t have to switch. Ever.

On the other hand, if you want to explore more features and customizations and let your students create their own avatars, you can switch to Classic Mode whenever you feel ready!

All the Experience Points (XP) that your students earned as a class will be redistributed evenly among your students. This means that they keep their progress and can start Classic Mode at a higher level.

To switch to Classic Mode, proceed to your Game Dashboard and click on “Play Classic Version.”


You can’t return to Lite Mode after switching to Classic. You can continue to create new Lite classes, however.

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