Activity Center — Viewing your to-dos and notifications

The Activity Center provides you a consolidated list of everything you need to do or know for every class on your account.

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Accessing the Activity Center

You can access the Activity Center by clicking on the “Activity” tab in the upper part of the Teacher Dashboard:


Once in your Activity Center, use the lefthand side panel to navigate to a specific class. You can also choose to view your to-dos and notifications for one or all of your classes.


The first tab of the Activity Center, the “To-Dos,” informs you of anything that requires your attention. To remove a to-do from your list, you’ll need to complete the specific action tied to it (such as deciding if a student successfully completed a quest objective or not).

To-dos are listed in chronological order (from newest to oldest) in four categories. Use the “Jump to” button in the upper right corner to go to a specific section and collapse the others.

Quest progress

In this section, you can see the progress made by your students on quests. These objectives require you to decide whether your students’ progression is satisfactory or not. Self-paced objectives will only appear in your to-dos if you have enabled assignments.

Clicking on a quest progress to-do takes you to the objective’s Overview tab in the Quests Progress Center so you can evaluate your students’ progress.

Delayed Damage

These to-dos help you visualize the Delayed Damage queue. The delayed damage is now grouped by team and must be dealt with from the oldest to the newest for each team. Select how you would handle the damage and then move down the list.

If there are students assigned to no team in your classroom, they’ll be at the bottom of the list. Just like any other delayed damage, you must deal with damage to your unassigned students in order of occurrence.

Click on the "..." icon for any entry to view the submenu and select "Cancel Damage" to void it.


This is a list of all the pledges waiting to be fulfilled. When a student fulfills their pledge, click the “...” icon and select “Mark Off.” You can also view the student’s profile in your Game Dashboard using this submenu, but the pledge will remain in your to-dos until it’s completed.

Parent requests

When a parent creates an account using their parent code, you’ll need to approve them before they can view their child’s account. Click on this type of to-do to view the parent approval request and complete the process.


When a student submits a kudos, you have to approve it and publish it before it becomes visible on the Class Wall. Check your to-dos to see if there are any kudos awaiting your approval. Click on the entry to reach your inbox and start approving kudos!



Unlike to-dos, notifications don’t require you to do anything. They inform you about what your students and their parents are doing in Classcraft. As notifications are purely informational, clicking on them will generally mark them as read, with the following exceptions:

  • Message or discussion notifications take you to the conversation
  • Quest objective or assignment notifications take you to the Progress Center
  • Notifications about students joining your class take you to your class settings

All notifications are displayed in order from the newest to the oldest. A read notification becomes light grey and automatically disappears after 24 hours.

You can filter notifications to view only those about levels, assignments, discussions, or messages.

If you want to dismiss all notifications, click on the “Mark All as Read” button in the upper right corner.


Notification settings

You can decide how much information you receive and in what form. Proceed to your Activity Center and click the “Notification Settings” button in the lower left corner (below your class list). The broad categories of settings are:

  • Communication: messages and class discussions
  • User management: joining a class, archiving characters, etc.
  • Quest progress
  • Game mechanics: leveling up, falling, etc.
  • Powers: learning, using powers, etc.

You can enable or disable notifications for a whole category at once or for a single notification type. Click “Toggle All” to enable or disable notifications for a whole category.

You can choose to receive notifications through the Activity Center or your browser. Certain notifications can also be sent directly to your email.

Here, you can decide whether you want to receive weekly emails about your students’ performance.

Viewing the Activity Center on the Game Dashboard

You can see all your to-dos and notifications for any given class on your Game Dashboard. The journal (mceclip1.png) icon will bring up your game feed, where you can see everything that happened in your class. You can also click on the clipboard (mceclip2.png) icon to view your to-dos or the bell (mceclip0.png) icon to view your notifications.


Note: You can also find the game feed in the Analytics section. The game feed can only be viewed on the Game Dashboard and entries can only be removed from the Analytics section.

You can navigate the to-dos and notifications the same way as in the Activity Center on your Teacher Dashboard. Click on any to-do to complete it or on any notification to mark it as read.

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