Navigating the main interface (teachers)

While playing Classcraft, two main views will enable you to access all the information and actions you’ll need:

Teacher Dashboard

mceclip0.pngWhen you log in to Classcraft, you’ll first see your Teacher Dashboard.

Click on the button “+New Class” to start creating a class. If you have classes already, you might need to scroll down to view this button. Once you start creating classes, they’ll be listed here, under “My Classes.”

Scroll below your classes to view the Demo Class, which comes pre-populated with students and quests and lets you try out all the Premium features. You can learn more about the demo class here.

Click the “Play” button of any class to view its Game Dashboard. If you didn’t finish a class’s setup, the “Play” button is replaced by a “Continue” button. Clicking on it will bring you where you left off.

The “...” icon opens a submenu where different options for your classes are listed. Here you can:

The Classcraft logo and the "Home" button in the upper part of the screen bring you back to your Teacher Dashboard. Use the "Activity" button to view your Activity Center, the "My Library" button to access your library of content, and the "Help" button to view the Knowledge Center.

Click on your profile image to view the main menu where you can:

Scroll to the bottom of the page for useful links that you can navigate to directly.



Game Dashboard

Click any class’s “Play” button to view the Game Dashboard, where most of the game action takes place. Here you can manage points, use student powers, navigate to any game feature on the sidebar, and more.

In the upper part of the dashboard, you can choose to view the Players, Teams, or Class.


Use the Player view (shown above) to select any individual student. This will display their team, teammates, stats, powers, and sentences. To view one of their teammates’ profiles, click on their name above the image.

Use the Team view to show a list of teams. You can easily give or remove game points to a whole team, mark students as absent, and so on.

Use the Class view to view all of your students at once. You can easily manage points for all or several students, filter by character class, sort by highest or lowest stats, mark students as absent, etc.

Click on the bell icon (mceclip2.png) to view the to-dos and notifications for this class. A green notification circle means that there are new entries pending.

Use your profile image to view the submenu and access your profile or your library of content, view your apps, share Classcraft, or sign out.

Using the sidebar

If you forget what an icon means, hover your cursor over it to view what they are.


Home: Takes you to your Teacher Dashboard, where you can set up your classes, customize your rules, and more.

game_dashboard_icon.png Game Dashboard: Where most of the game action happens day to day. You can switch between three views: Players, Teams, and Class.
class_tools.png Class Tools: A suite of features to gamify your lessons. (Includes both Free and Premium features)
quests.png Quests: A feature enabling you to turn your lesson plans into personalized, self-paced learning adventures for students to embark upon.
messaging.png Messaging: View messages from your students or their parents and send them messages.
 analytics.png Analytics: Compare a student’s performance over a period of time to the class average.
class_settings.png Class Settings: Quickly navigate to your game settings for the class you're currently viewing.

Help: Click this button anytime to learn more about the current game screen you’re viewing.

 mute.png Play/Mute Sounds: Turn all the game audio (background music and sound effects) on or off.
expand.png Expand/Collapse menu: If you’re unsure what an icon means, expand the menu to view the full feature names.
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