Managing teachers in your district

In your District Dashboard, you can manage your teacher list by clicking on “Teachers” in the lefthand sidebar, under “District Information.” Here, you can:

Add teachers

Click the green “Add Teachers” button in the top right corner to add new teachers to your district. First, select a school from the dropdown menu, then select the method you want to use. (You can only add teachers to one school at a time.)


Upload CSV or XLSX

You can upload a CSV or XLSX file containing your teachers’ names, email addresses, and labels. Labels are not necessary but can help you organize teachers in your district.

You can use our CSV template to make sure that your file is formatted correctly. You should use one row per teacher. Include the following information for each teacher:

First column: First name
Second column: Last name
Third column: Email address
Fourth column: Labels separated by a semicolon (;) (optional)

Here are examples of correct entries:

After uploading your CSV or XLSX file, click “Create Teachers” to add them to your roster.

Add teachers manually

To add teachers manually, input their first name, last name, and email address. If you need more lines, click on “Add More.” Once you’ve input all new teacher names, click on “Create Teachers.” If any information is missing, a red line will appear below the empty field.


Manage your teacher list

Teachers are listed on the left part of the screen. Here, you can see the email address associated with their Classcraft account (this should be their school email), as well as their labels.

You can search in the list by first name, last name, email address, or label. You can also filter the list by options (last added, no label, selected) or status (pending, onboarding, playing).


Click on any teacher entry to view their profile on the righthand portion of the dashboard. By using the checkboxes on the left side of an entry, you can select multiple teachers at the same time. Once you’ve selected multiple teachers, you can manage their labels, change the school they’re assigned to, or remove them from your district by clicking on the appropriate button in the righthand panel:


In the teacher list, you can also view each teacher’s onboarding progress. Around their profile picture, a green circle displays their current account setup progress. If the circle is completely gray, the teacher did not start their setup. If there’s no circle, their setup is complete.

By hovering over the teacher’s picture, you’ll see which of the following setup steps have been completed: “complete tutorial,” “set up your class,” and “add your students.”

View and edit teacher profiles

Select any teacher in your district to view their profile information, including their name, email address, the classes they teach (by clicking the “Classes” tab), the school where they teach, etc.

You can edit some account information (first name, last name, email, office, and phone number) by clicking in the text field. To accept a change, click the checkmark on the right end of the field. To edit their password, click on the pen icon.

You can also open the dropdown menu (mceclip0.png) to manage labels, change the school the teacher is assigned to, or remove them from your district.

Use the arrows around a teacher’s name to navigate to the next or previous teacher in the list:


Assign teachers to another school

If a teacher transfers schools or was assigned to the incorrect school, you can reassign them. You can reassign a single teacher or multiple teachers selected in the list. If you select multiple teachers, make sure that they’re all currently assigned to the same school before you assign them to another school to be able to assign them to a different school.

If you want to transfer a single teacher, click on the "mceclip0.png" icon beside their name in their profile and select “Change School.” To assign multiple teachers to another school, select them in the list and click the large “Change School” button in the righthand panel.


Note: Assigning a teacher to a different school will remove them from all of their current classes. They will also lose access to your school roster. However, they will still have access to all their content (such as quests and boss battles), and their students’ characters will remain active.

Select their new school, tick the checkboxes, and click the green “Confirm” button to continue.

Remove teachers from your district

You can remove teachers who are no longer teaching in your district.

To remove a single teacher, select them from the list. In their profile, click on the “mceclip0.png” icon to open the submenu, and select “Remove.” To remove multiple teachers at once, select them all in the list and click on the large “Remove” button in the righthand panel.

When you remove a teacher from your district, they’ll be unassigned from their classes and removed from the district roster. They will, however, keep the content they’ve created, such as quests and boss battles.

Manage labels

You can manage the labels for your whole district by clicking on the “Manage Labels” button in the top right corner. You can add or remove labels for a single teacher by opening their profile, clicking on the “mceclip0.png” button, and selecting “Change Labels” in the menu. You can also select the teachers from your list and click the “Change Labels” button in the righthand panel to edit labels for multiple teachers at once.

When managing your district-wide labels, you’ll have the option to create, edit, or delete labels.

To create a label, type its name in the text box and click the checkmark on the right side of the text box to confirm:


To delete a label, hover your mouse over the label icon (label_icon.png) so that it turns into a red trashcan. Click on it and confirm to delete your label.

To edit a label, click on the pen icon, make your changes, and click on the green checkmark to confirm.

When assigning labels to teachers, you can select a label from the list of existing labels for your organization or type in the text box to create a new label.


Click on the label checkbox to add a label to teachers or remove it. An empty checkbox indicates that you can add the label to all the teachers selected. If the checkbox has a green “x,” all the teachers selected already have been assigned this label. Unchecking the checkbox will remove the label from all the teachers. If there’s a gray “-” sign in the checkbox, only certain selected teachers have been assigned this label. In that case, you can click on the checkbox to apply the label to all teachers.

Once you’ve selected your labels, they’ll immediately be applied to the teachers. You can remove a label from a teacher by clicking on the “x” in the label tag, directly in the teacher list:


Note: The teacher label list is separate from the student label list (i.e. you can have a “Grade 5” label in both lists or not).

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