Adding and managing administrators (district admins only)

To view the list of district and school administrators, click on “Administrators” under “District Information” in the lefthand side panel of your District Dashboard.


The district administrators is a read-only list. You can’t add administrators or edit their information. A district administrator can edit their own information through their profile.

On the other hand, you may add school administrators or edit their information. To edit an administrator’s information, select them in the list. Their info will be displayed in the righthand panel. Click on any text field to edit information and click the checkmark to accept the change. To change the password, click on the pen icon (image1.png).

To remove an administrator, click the "mceclip0.png" icon to open the submenu. Select “Remove” and confirm to continue.

Adding a school administrator

Click the green “Add Admin” button to add a new school administrator. To create their account, you’ll need to provide the administrator’s information (name, email address, and school). When you’re ready, click the green “Add School Admin” button in the lower right corner to proceed. 

If you can’t find the school you’re looking for, contact your Account Executive, who can add it for you.

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