Using student powers

As the teacher, you can use any power for your students. To use a power, your student must first have learned it. Once they have learned a power, it will be displayed below their stats in your student list:


Select the power you want to use by clicking on its name and click on the “Use Power” button in the description:


If a power can only be used when a teammate takes damage, you’ll need to use it from the delayed damage queue or when a student takes damage. You can still click on the power to view its description, but you won’t be able to use it the same way:


The delayed damage queue must be cleared in order that the damage occurred. Click on the first damage in the queue and decide how you want to handle it (such as by using another student’s power):


If you can’t see a “Use Power” button in the power description, it means that it currently can’t be used. For example, a Healer’s whole team could have their full HP, which would make it impossible to use Heal 1.

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