Navigating the quests interface

When you create or manage your quest, you’ll use both the world map and the quest creation screen. All the important actions (creating a quest, adding and linking objectives, etc.) are in the upper part of the interface in the navigation bar. When you select certain actions, the navigation bar will change color and provide you more information about the action you selected.

Below, you’ll find more information about the world map and the quest creation screen.

World map

When you open the quest interface for any class, you’ll first see the Classcraft world map with all the quests assigned to your class:


If you selected the wrong class or need to switch to another one, click on the class name beside the Classcraft logo at the top and select the correct class.

You can zoom in or out, or return to normal view using the controls in the lower right corner.

Click on the green + icon to create a new quest before clicking anywhere on the map to choose a location for your quest. You can then click on your quest icon and drag it anywhere on the map to select a new position. Learn more about creating quests here.

You can choose to view all of your quests, only the quests that are visible to your students (by selecting “Active” under “Filter Quests”) or only the quests that are hidden from your students (by selecting “Inactive” under “Filter Quests”).

Click on the top right icons to visit My Library (my_library.png) or the Quests Marketplace (marketplace.png).


Quest creation screen

Once you select a quest, you’ll see its name in the quest creation screen.


Click on the quest name in the upper left part of the screen to select and view a different quest. At any time, you can also edit your quest’s title or map by clicking on the pen icon.

To create an objective click on the green + button in the navigation bar. Then, click anywhere on the map to choose a location for your objective. On a free account, when you add objectives, you can see in the green navigation bar how many objectives you can still add to your quest before you can no longer make it visible to your students:

Once you have created a few objectives, you can start linking them by clicking on the blue path icon and then clicking and dragging between two objectives to form a path. Learn more about creating paths here.

The eye icon indicates whether a quest is visible (visible.png) and can be accessed by students, or not (hidden.png). Students can only access quests that you have made visible for them. Click on the icon to toggle quest visibility for your students.

Click on the “Assign Quest” (assign_quest.png) button to assign this quest to other classes. If your quest is already assigned to several classes, click on the "Assigned" (Quests_-_Already_assigned_button.png) button to view the classes it's assigned to and assign this quest to new classes. You can learn more about assigning quests here.

To quickly access My Library, you can click on the (my_library.png) icon on any quest.

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