District Dashboard Overview

The overview section of the District Dashboard provides you with information about your district at a glance.



The first section of the Overview provides you with information about the licenses purchased for your district. You can see their activation and expiry dates, how many licenses were purchased, and how many remain.

School List

Below the licenses information, you can see the list of schools in your district. The schools already playing Classcraft are at the top of the list, and the schools that are not yet playing are below. For each school, you can see the number of teachers and students, as well as the School Climate and Classcraft Engagement indexes.


Indexes marked as “TBD” are not yet ready. This occurs when a school’s rollout is not yet complete or when we’re still analyzing data. Learn more about this here.

When a school is not playing, its admins, teachers, and students can’t use Classcraft yet. When you’re done setting up a school, click the “Invite School” button and confirm by clicking the “Send Invitations” button. This will unlock all the functionalities for school admins. You can’t invite a school that has no teachers or students.

Your partnership manager can help you add any schools missing from your district.

Viewing a School Dashboard

Click a school name to access its School Dashboard and view its data. Click on the “District Dashboard” button in the lefthand panel to return to the school list. If you want to see the School Dashboard for another school in your district, click on the school name beside the Classcraft logo to select it.


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