Co-teachers — Managing your class with another teacher

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If you are part of a school license, you can add co-teachers to any one of your classes to help you run your classes. Co-teachers have access to a limited number of functionalities (such as giving Experience Points or managing Hearts). 

When you're a co-teacher in a class, it appears below all your other class on your home page:


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Adding co-teachers

You can add as many co-teachers as you need to any class you have. To add a co-teacher:

  1. Log in on a teacher account using a school license
  2. On your home page, click the Play button for the class you want to add a co-teacher to
  3. Click the wheel icon in the sidebar navigation to view your class settings
  4. Select Co-teachers in the menu
  5. Click on the purple Add co-teachers in the top-right corner
  6. Select the teacher or teachers from the roster
  7. Click Next to confirm
  8. Optional: If you want to set a duration, tick the duration box and select dates (you can manually remove co-teachers from your class at any time)
  9. Click Add co-teacher to confirm

Managing co-teachers

Once you’ve added one or more co-teachers, go to the co-teachers section of your class settings to manage them. Here, you can:

  • Remove co-teachers at any time by clicking the Remove button
  • Change the duration a co-teacher can have access to your class for

Untick the checkbox to remove the duration, or tick it to add one. Click on the date to open the date picker.

If the duration date is already past, an icon (warning.pngwill let you know that this teacher can no longer access your class.

Co-teachers permissions

  • Give or remove Experience Points, Crystals, Gold Pieces, and Hearts (Name_Tag-Chapter-4-En.png)
  • Use Class Tools
  • Use the School Store
  • Start existing Boss Battles (Name_Tag-Chapter-4-En.png)
  • Decide if students' Quest progression is satisfactory or not (Name_Tag-Chapter-2-En.png)
  • Leave feedback on student work in Quests (Name_Tag-Chapter-2-En.png)
  • Deal with damage (Name_Tag-Chapter-4-En.png)
  • Check the class progression

On the other hand, co-teachers can't …

  • Add students to your class
  • Remove students from your class
  • Mark students as absent
  • Assign students to a team
  • Create or delete teams
  • Create, edit, or import Quests, Boss Battles, or behaviors
  • Edit game or interface rules
  • Send messages to students or parents