Co-Teachers - Managing your class with another teacher (school and district license)

Note: Co-Teachers is a schoolwide license feature. Learn more about Classcraft for schools and districts here.

You can add co-teachers to your class if you need someone to be a substitute, help run your classes, or if you want to allow other teachers to add or remove points from students. Co-teachers can view the classes they’ve been assigned to on their Teacher Dashboard:


Adding a co-teacher

To add a co-teacher to one of your classes, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the browser version of Classcraft (
  2. Select your class from your teacher dashboard
  3. Open your class settings by clicking on (mceclip1.png)
  4. Select “Co-Teachers” in the menu
  5. Click on the green “Add Co-Teacher” button in the top right corner
  6. Select teachers from your school roster
  7. Click on “Next” to confirm
  8. Optional: If you want to set a duration, tick the duration box and select dates
  9. Click on “Add Co-Teacher” to confirm

If the teacher you want to add is not part of your school roster, please contact your school administrator.

Managing your co-teachers

Once you’ve added one or several co-teachers to your class, you can manage them from your class settings using the web version of Classcraft. You can remove a co-teacher from your class by clicking on the “Remove” button on the right side of their entry:


You can also add, edit or remove a co-teaching duration:


Untick the checkbox to remove the duration, or tick it to add one. Click on the date to open the date picker. If the duration date is already past, an icon (warning.pngwill let you know that this teacher can no longer access your class.


What can co-teachers do?

Co-teachers can …

  • Give or remove points (XP, GP, HP, AP)
  • Use Class Tools
  • Start an existing boss battle
  • Decide if student quest progression is satisfactory or not
  • Leave feedback on student work in quests

On the other hand, co-teachers cannot …

  • Add students to your class
  • Remove students from your class
  • Assign students to a team
  • Create or delete teams
  • Create, edit, or import quests
  • Create, edit, or import boss battles
  • Edit game or interface rules
  • Send messages to students or parents
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