My Library - Google Classroom integration

Creating a Google Classroom objective

If your Google Classroom and Classcraft accounts are linked, you can choose to create a Google Classroom assignment objective. If your accounts are not linked, you’ll be prompted to log in to Google Classroom when selecting this type of task.

For Google Classroom objectives, the task title and description are copied from the Google Classroom assignment unless you create a new assignment. In that case, you can provide a new task title. If your quest has been assigned to several classes, select a Google Classroom class and assignment for each of the classes your quest is assigned to:


You can learn more about integrating Google Classroom assignments in quests here.

Assigning a Google Classroom quest to other classes

You can assign a quest with Google Classroom objectives to any other class. You’ll start with the same steps as when you assign a regular quest:

  1. Go to My Library
  2. Find the quest in one of your classes
  3. Click on “Assign”
  4. Select classes
  5. Confirm by clicking on “Assign”

After assigning your quest to another class, you’ll see it in your library and on the world map. However, the quest will be invisible for your students, and you won’t be able to make it visible until you finish your Google Classroom setup.

You can do this through My Library:


Or from the class it’s assigned to:


Open your quest in My Library and click on the green “Finish Google Classroom Setup” button to begin.

Start by linking this quest to one of your Google classes:


Then, pick an assignment for each objective in your quest. You may also choose to create a new assignment:



If you want, you can choose to create new assignments for all of your objectives by selecting this option in the “Apply to all objectives” menu. Once you’re ready, click on “Continue” to finish your setup.

Importing a quest

If your Google Classroom and Classcraft accounts are linked, when you import a quest (from the Marketplace or otherwise), you’ll be prompted to link your new quest to Google Classroom. Select a Google class from the dropdown menu:


If you prefer, you can choose to import every objective as a regular task, but once you make this choice, it can’t be undone: You can’t transform a regular objective into a Google Classroom objective, or vice versa.

When you’re ready, click on “Continue.” You can then decide what assignment you want to link to each objective. You can decide not to link an assignment to an individual objective and simply import it as a regular task. You may also choose to create a new Google Classroom assignment for an objective, which will use its current task title and description.


After selecting an option for each objective, click on “Continue” to finish importing the quest.

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