Finishing your Google Classroom setup for Quests

When you create a Quest, you can make objectives that use existing Google Classroom assignments or even create new ones! In My Library, any given quest can be assigned to more than one class. This requires a few more steps when a Quest has Google Classroom objectives.

Assigning a Google Classroom Quest starts the same way as any other Quest:

  1. Go to My Library
  2. Find the quest in one of your classes
  3. Click the Assign to classes button on the righthand side
  4. Select the classes you want to assign this quest to
  5. Confirm by clicking on Assign

After assigning your quest to another class, you’ll see it in your content list and on the world map. However, the quest will be invisible for your students, and you won’t be able to make it visible until you Finish your Google Classroom setup.

You can do this through My Library:


Click Finish Google Classroom setup. To complete the setup:

  • Select one of your Google Classrooms
  • Pick an assignment for each objective (or create a new Google Classroom assignment)


If you choose to create a new assignment, don't forget to name it! Click Continue when you're done.