My Library – Duplicating a quest

Duplicating a quest creates an identical copy, meaning that you can edit both quests independently. When you duplicate a quest, everything from the “Default class settings” is duplicated, except for student progress and Google Classroom elements.

This is a great way to keep an original version of a quest before modifying copies for specific classes or situations.

To duplicate a quest, open it in My Library and click on “Duplicate” in the righthand menu.


Select which class you want to add the duplicated quest to, or create a new class before clicking on “Continue.”

If your account is linked to Google Classroom, you can choose to import each objective as a regular task or link your quest to one of your Google Classroom classes. If you choose to link your duplicated quest to Google Classroom, select an assignment for each objective before clicking on “Continue” to finish duplicating your quest.

What’s the difference between assigning and duplicating?

When you assign a quest, it will exist in several classes at the same time. Editing certain parts of your quest in one class means that it will change in all of your classes.

When you duplicate a quest, you create a copy of the quest. This copy is dissociated from the original and treated as a separate quest, and you can edit both separately.

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