My Library – Assigning and Unassigning Quests

In My Library, you can assign a quest to several classes so that it can be played by your different student groups. When a quest is assigned to several classes ...

… the following settings are specific to each class:

  • Objective Rewards
  • Assignments
  • Due dates
  • Self-paced progress
  • Discussion
  • Google Classroom class and assignment (if linked)
  • Student Progress
  • Quest position on the world map

    Changes made to these settings in one class won’t have any effect on the quest in your other classes. If you want, you can sync an objective’s class-specific settings to any number of other classes through the objective settings.

… and the following settings are shared between your classes:

  • Title
  • Map
  • Paths
  • Whether an objective is linked to Google Classroom or not
  • Number of objectives
  • Objective positions
  • Story
  • Task titles and descriptions (unless they’re Google Classroom tasks)

    If you edit a setting that’s shared, the change will be reflected in every class. This will help you easily fix typos in your story or change the map background without having to open the quest in every single one of your classes.

To view all the classes a quest is assigned to in My Library, select the quest and check the “Classes” tab. You can also view this information by opening the quest in any class and clicking on the "Classes" icon (mceclip2.png) on the righthand side of the navigation bar: 


If your quest is only assigned to one class, you’ll have the option to assign this quest to other classes.

Assigning a quest

After you’ve created a quest, you can assign it to other classes through My Library. Find the quest in your library, open it, and click on “Assign” on the righthand panel.


Select the classes you want to assign this quest to and click on “Continue” to confirm.

The icon finish_setup.png will be displayed in the “Classes” tab if you assigned a Google Classroom quest.

Unassigning a quest

As long as your quest is assigned to more than one class (as seen in the “Classes” tab), you can unassign it. Click on the more_options.png icon on the class’s line and select “Unassign from Class”:


When you unassign a quest from a class, the progress, discussions, and assignments related to the quest in that specific class will be lost and can’t be retrieved.

Confirm by clicking in the checkbox and clicking on the “Unassign” button.

What’s the difference between assigning and duplicating?

When you assign a quest, it will exist in several classes at the same time. Editing certain parts of your quest in one class means that it will change in all of your classes.

When you duplicate a quest, you create a copy of the quest. This copy is dissociated from the original and treated as a separate quest, and you can edit both separately.

What’s the difference between unassigning and deleting?

You can only unassign a quest that’s assigned to several classes. Unassigning a quest effectively deletes it for that class, but the quest will remain unaffected in other classes.

Deleting a quest removes it from all of the classes it’s assigned to. When a quest is assigned to only one class, you can’t unassign it and will need to delete it instead. 

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