My Library – Overview

In My Library, you can see all the content created and imported on your Classcraft account. To access it, click the “My Library” tab in the top navigation bar or go to

Here, you can pick whether you’d like to see your quests or boss battles.



Quest list

Select Quests to view a list of all the quests on your account. If you have no quests, you’ll be redirected to a few resources to help you get started.

You can filter quests by classes (including archived classes) by clicking on the class name on the lefthand menu. If you don’t see the class you’re looking for, click on “See more” or check your archived classes.


You can choose to view only your favorite quests by clicking on “Show Favorites” in the top right corner.

The star icon below the quest name indicates whether the quest is a favorite (favorite.png) or not (not_favorite.png). You can click on this icon to make your quest a favorite. The Marketplace icon tells you whether you’ve published this quest (published.png) or not (not_published.png) on the Quests Marketplace.

Finally, in your quest list, you’ll also see the creation date of each quest, as well as the classes they’re assigned to.

Quest description

Once you select a quest, you’ll first see its description:


You can see if a quest is a favorite, if it’s been published on the Marketplace, and the number of objectives and creation date.

The following actions are available in the righthand panel menu:

  • Share: Share your quest with other teachers by email, social media, through a direct link, or on the Marketplace.
  • Assign: Assign an existing quest to another class. Any changes to the quest will be reflected in all the classes this quest is assigned to. You can learn more about assigning quests here.
  • Duplicate: Duplicate a quest to create an identical copy. These copies are separate quests with separate settings. You can learn more about duplicating quests here.
  • Delete: When you delete a quest, it ceases to exist in all your classes. This action can’t be undone. If you’re unsure whether you’ll use a quest again, consider unassigning it from all classes except the demo class instead of deleting it. You can learn more about deleting quests here.


The “Classes” tab of the description indicates which of your classes this quest exists in. The following information is provided for each class:

  • Class name
  • Default class settings: This class’s quest settings (self-paced, rewards, etc.) will be used when publishing, sharing, assigning, or duplicating a quest.
  • Finish Google Classroom setup: You may need to finish_setup.png before you can use this quest.
  • Visibility: You can make a quest visible (My_Library_-_Visible_Quest.png) to or hidden (My_Library_-_Hidden_Quest.png) from students and parents by clicking on this icon.
  • Student Progress: This informs you of how many students have completed this quest in each class. Note: For their quest to be considered completed, a student must finish the “Quest End” objective of a quest. Learn more about objective types here.
  • More: Open the (more_options.png) submenu to view more options.

The “Finish Google Classroom Setup,” visibility, and student progress icons aren’t displayed for archived classes.

In the (more_options.png) submenu, you can:

  • View in Class: View this quest in the selected class.
  • Unassign from Class: If this quest has been assigned to several classes, you can unsassign it from a specific class. This deletes the quest and student progress in that class.
  • Set as Default Settings: This will make this quest’s class-specific settings the default when publishing, sharing, assigning, or duplicating a quest. If your quest is only assigned to one class, this option will not be visible.


The Marketplace tab will only be visible if you published your quest on the Marketplace.


Here, you can view the same information you provided when publishing the quest: the quest description, grades, subjects, and standards. Click on “View in Marketplace” to see the quest’s page on the Marketplace.


Boss Battles

You can find all of your boss battles in My Library. Just like quests, you can make them Favorites (favorite.png) and view their creation dates in the list.

Boss battle description

Select a boss battle in your list to view its description:


In “Classes,” you can view all of your classes, enabling you to easily access your boss battle in a specific class. The “Description” tab displays the boss battle rewards, HP, and other settings. To view the list of questions and their HP value, click on the “Questions” tab.

You can perform various actions from the righthand panel:

  • Share: Click on “Share” to obtain a share link for this battle.
  • Duplicate: Create an identical copy of the boss battle.
  • Delete: Delete this boss battle from your account. This action can’t be undone.

Note: You can no longer duplicate or delete a boss battle from a class.

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