When should I use my powers?

Any Warrior, Mage, or Healer might wonder when is the best time to use a power. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your powers.


When one of your teammates loses some Health Points (HP), make sure to use one of your “Protect” powers. They enable you to prevent a teammate from falling in battle because you prevent a portion of the damage to never occur. No healing power can do that. While Protect helps you share damage between your teammates and yourself, make sure you have enough HP left when you use it; otherwise, you could fall in battle.


When you lose HP, you can heal yourself with the “First Aid” skill. Make sure to coordinate with the Healers in your team, as they may be able to heal you and gain Experience Points (XP) for doing so.



Before you use “Mana Transfer” or “Fountain of Mana,” make sure that teammates who are at their maximum level of Action Points (AP) spend some AP first, ideally on a cooperative power. This way, you’ll maximize the effect of these powers.


Using “Mana Shield” will help Healers and Warriors do their job and focus on other players. You shouldn’t overuse this power since it rapidly drains your AP, and your team might also ask you to use cooperative powers like "Mana Transfer."


Cheat Death can only be used when a teammate falls in battle. A new sentence will be picked, but the new outcome must be accepted.



As a Healer, you’ll only gain Experience Points (XP) from healing powers only when you use them on one of your teammates — not when you use it on yourself. If there are two Healers on your team, the best strategy is to heal each other so that you can gain XP and restore your HP. Make sure to heal your teammates often to prevent them from falling in battle.

When a teammate falls in battle, you can avoid all penalties to them and to your team by using Revive. Your teammate will return to 1 HP, they’ll avoid getting a sentence, and your team will avoid damage. This power costs a lot of AP; however, it can prevent your whole team losing HP.


Before using Healing Circle, make sure that you’re using it to heal 2 or more teammates, otherwise, it may be better to only use Heal 2.

If your teacher decided to deal with damage later, make sure to check the Delayed Damage queue. Don’t forget to save enough AP to use your powers at critical moments.

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