Viewing teacher engagement on the School Dashboard

In the Teacher Engagement section of the School Dashboard, you can find different statistics of Classcraft use by teachers at your school, and more generally, how engaged they are with Classcraft.

You can adjust the period for which you want to see data by clicking on the dates in the top part of this section. Please note that it’s not possible to use a date prior to May 16, 2018.

You can also filter data by student or teacher label. The filters affect all of the information displayed on this page.

The “Export” button enables you to download all the data from this page in .csv files.

In this section, you’ll find the following subsections:

  • Teacher Activity: This is how well and how much teachers are using the core mechanics of Experience Points (XP), Gold Pieces (GP), and Health Points (HP). You can see which teacher uses each of these mechanics the most and how often they use it.

  • Quests: You can view how teachers at your school use quests: you'll find information such as how many quests were created and imported, which quests were played the most, and how often teachers at your school published quests to the Quests Marketplace.

  • Class Tools: In this section, you’ll see how often each tool is used, as well as how often teachers at your school use tools.

  • Communication: This section details how often teachers exchange messages with students (either in the discussions or through the messaging features) and how many messages were exchanged. You can also see how often teachers messaged parents.
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