What’s the difference between an assignment, objective, and quest reward?

In a quest, there are three types of rewards you can grant your students:

Assignment reward

This type of reward can only be activated when you select to “Enable Assignments.” If a student turns in their assignment after the due date, they won’t receive any reward for this assignment.


You may also choose to enable early hand-in and to set a reward for it. This way, if a student turns in their assignment early, they’ll receive both the early hand-in and the regular assignment reward.

Any student who turns in an assignment on time receives the assignment reward when you validate the progress, whether you decide that the progress is satisfactory (satisfactory_Y.jpg) or not (satisfactory_N.jpg). If you decide that the work turned in by the student is not acceptable, or has nothing to do with the lesson, you can “Unsubmit” the assignment: this will return the assignment to the student so they can redo it and submit it again.


If they submit the new version after the hand-in date, they won’t receive any reward.

When completing a self-paced assignment, you won't have the opportunity to return the submitted work to the student before they receive their reward. They will receive the assignment rewards as long as their work, regardless of quality, is handed in on time.

Tip: You may choose not to give any reward for assignments and use the Grade Converter to reward students according to their grade.

Objective reward

You can set the objective reward in the “Progress” tab when you create a new objective.


This type of reward is only obtained when a student successfully completes an objective. If you mark a student’s progress as not satisfactory (satisfactory_N.jpg), they won’t receive any objective reward. If you later change the completion to satisfactory (satisfactory_Y.jpg), your student will receive the objective reward for completing it.

Any reward set for a self-paced objective is automatically received when a student completes the task.

Quest reward

You can set a reward for completing the whole quest by defining a reward for a “Quest End” type of objective in the “Progress” tab. Students will receive this reward when clicking on the “Quest Complete” button.

Note: To edit a reward or quest objective after creating an objective, proceed to the objective overview in the Progress Center, click on the reward type and edit the value normally.


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