What can I do if my students mistakenly created a teacher account?

You won’t be able to add a student to your class if they mistakenly signed up as a teacher. To know if the account your student is using is a teacher account, ask them to view their profile (game.classcraft.com/student/profile).

When they follow this link, if they see a Teacher Dashboard, it means that they're not using a teacher account. A student profile should display the student's character and stats (if any), their name, email address, and basic profile info. You should also be able to visit the Hall of Heroes.

A student profile looks like this:


If your student created a teacher account, they'll first need to free up the email address by deleting their teacher account.

To delete their teacher account, your student should proceed to their profile (by following this link or clicking on the profile picture in the top right corner and selecting "My Profile"). They can then scroll below the bio and click on the "Delete my Account" button. After they fill the form and confirm, their teacher account will be deleted.


Once their teacher account has been deleted, your student will then be able to create a new account using their email and student code.

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