What can I do if my students mistakenly created a teacher account?

You won’t be able to add a student to your class if they mistakenly signed up as a teacher with their email address. To know if the account your student is using is a teacher account, ask them to view their profile (app.classcraft.com/student/profile).

When they follow this link, if they see a Teacher Dashboard like yours, it means that they didn't create the correct type of accounts. A student profile should display the student's character and stats (if any), their name, email address, and basic profile info.

A student profile looks like this (there might be fewer elements on your dashboard depending on your progression):


If your student created a teacher account, they'll first need to free up the email address by deleting their teacher account.

To delete their teacher account, students need to:

  1. Go to their profile (by clicking on their profile icon in the top right corner and clicking My profile)
  2. Scroll below their bio
  3. Click Delete my account
  4. Pick a reason and Confirm

Once their teacher account has been deleted, your student will then be able to create a new account using their email and student code.

Need help deleting a student's account? Reach out to support@classcraft.com and we'll help you out!