How can Classcraft be used for homeschooling?

You can definitely use Classcraft for homeschooling. There are several approaches to creating characters for homeschooled kids, but remember that there must be at least one Mage, Healer, and Guardian per team.

You can:

  • Create an extra character or two for you to control as the Gamemaster
  • Have your children create more than one character each and control all of them
  • Create characters for pets, siblings, or parents

Just as you would for any other type of class, edit your class settings to match the expected behaviors and set up the game rules. Make sure to edit pledges so that they make sense in the context of homeschooling.

If you use the Premium version of Classcraft, quests will help you assign and track homework as well as grant points for completing tasks.

If you need ideas or help, check out the teacher forums to discuss with other homeschool teachers.

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