Classcraft permissions for third-party apps (teachers)

The first time you log in to Classcraft from a third-party app (such as LRNG), you’ll be prompted to allow Classcraft and the app you’re accessing to share information related to your account. The information required by third-party apps varies from one app to the other but can include the following:

  • View your profile information
  • View your classes
  • View student information
  • View student quest progression
  • View student Experience Points reward
  • Access student information
  • Access student quest progression
  • Access user connected apps
  • Access student Experience Points rewards

This information is necessary for the app to work properly and to provide you the best possible experience. Should you wish to deny it access to your Classcraft information, you won’t be able to use the third-party app as intended.

Once you select Allow, the app will no longer ask for your permission to access and use this information.

To know the limitations on how accessed information can be used, please check our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as well as the policies from the app requesting access.

We are committed to student privacy and have signed the Student Privacy Pledge.