What are some common issues when adding students?

Here is a list of common issues you may encounter when adding students to your class: 


There’s a warning when I add students from my Google Classroom roster. What should I do?

When you try adding a student using Google Classroom, a warning may be displayed that prevents you from doing so. This warning appears when a student already has an account and an active character.


There are two possible scenarios that may cause this:

Student is currently playing in another class

Whether they use Google Classroom or not, you can add students playing in another one of your classes to your class (eg. they’re in your Algebra class and you want to add a student to your Physics class) by following these instructions:

  1. Proceed to your class settings
  2. Click on “Students”
  3. Click on “Add Students”
  4. Select “Add Existing Students”
  5. Select “Use Student Database”
  6. Find the student in the Student Database
  7. Click on “Add Students”

If students are currently playing in another teacher’s class, you’ll first need to connect with the other teacher through Teacher Connect and then add your students through the Student Database, as instructed above.

Student played during a previous year

If your students have played Classcraft with a Google Classroom account before, you’ll see this warning if their active character has yet to be archived.

Ideally, teachers using Classcraft should archive all their classes at the end of the school year. If all the classes a student participates in are archived, their character will automatically be archived.

Students can also archive their own character through their profile. If a character has been used in the last 14 days (received XP or GP, lost HP, trained a pet, etc.), the student won’t be able to archive it (if this occurs, contact support@classcraft.com).

To archive their active character, a student should follow these steps:

  1. Click on their avatar in the upper right corner of their account
  2. Click on “My Profile”
  3. Click on “Archive Character”
  4. Confirm their action by clicking on “Archive Character”


Once their character has been archived, you can add your student to your class normally.


My students have played before. Should I give them the class code?

If a student already has an account, you can invite them to your class by providing them with a class code. This is different from the student codes that you give to students creating a new account. You can obtain your class code by following these steps:

  1. Proceed to your class settings
  2. Click on “Students”
  3. Click on “Add Students”
  4. Select “Add Existing Students”
  5. Select “Use Class Code”

You may also obtain the class code from the teacher dashboard:

  1. Proceed to your teacher dashboard
  2. Find the class you want the class code for
  3. Click on the “...” button beside the name
  4. Select “Class Code”


Students can enter your class code from their profile when they have no active character. If they have an active character, they should first archive it.


I’m creating new accounts for my students. Should I give them a student code?

If a student has never played Classcraft before and is not using Google Classroom, you’ll use the “Create New Accounts” options in “Add Students.” This code is composed of letters of numbers and has the following format: xxxxxxxx

Follow these steps to find your student codes:

  1. Proceed to your class settings
  2. Click on “Students”
  3. Find codes in “Student Code” column


From here, you may also use “Distribute Codes” to provide your students their code. When a student signs up, they will be asked to provide their student code.

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