Viewing student engagement on the School Dashboard

In the Student Engagement section, you can find different statistics of Classcraft use by students at your school, and more generally, how engaged they are with Classcraft.

You can adjust the period for which you want to see data by clicking on the dates in the top part of this section. Please note that it’s not possible to use a date prior to May 16, 2018.

You can also filter data by student or teacher label. The filters affect all of the information displayed on this page.

You can export all of the data into a .zip file containing .csv files by clicking on the “Export” button at the top:



This section gives you a quick overview of what students at your school are doing in Classcraft. You can see how many quests and objectives were completed, how many powers were used, how many Classcraft logins were registered, etc.

The information for the current period is compared with the previous period. This way, you can discern where you’re improving.


This graph indicates the daily attendance percentage. Hover your mouse over a specific point in time to see the number of present and absent students. Below the graph, you can see a list of frequently absent students and the number of days missed.

Engagement details

Below the overview and attendance graph, you’ll find different statistics related to student engagement with Classcraft (such as the number of quests or objectives completed, the most popular quests, the students who trained their pets the most, who bought or equipped the most gear, etc.). For each of these statistics, you can click on “See More” to view a complete student list.

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