Student engagement

The student engagement section collects data of how students use Classcraft and how engaged they are with the platform.

Filtering options


Before you start looking at the data, make sure you’re looking at the data you want to see. You can adjust the date range of all the data displayed on this page by clicking on the date field. You can also narrow your search by:

  • Student tags
  • Teacher tags
  • Teacher names

Data export

Click the Export button to export all the data from this page in a single .zip file that contains .csv files. This can enable you to create your own charts or keep it as a reference.

Engagement overview

This is an overview of what students are doing in Classcraft. Here, you can see the number of:

  • Quests completed
  • Quest objectives completed
  • Powers used
  • Times students logged into Classcraft
  • Times pets were sent on training missions
  • Times students swapped their gear

Each type of data is compared to the previous time period (if the data is available) so you can see whether your students are more or less engaged with an aspect of Classcraft.



In this example, during the 14-day period selected, students completed 125 Quest objectives and used 122 powers. They completed roughly 11% less objectives than in the previous two weeks but used 11% more powers.


This graph indicates the daily percentage of students who are present in class. Hover your mouse over a specific point in time to see the number of present and absent students. Below the graph, you can see a list of frequently absent students and the number of days missed.

Beware! The lowest number on the scale depends on the lowest number of absent students (it’s usually not 0%).


In the Top Students section, you can see which students earned the most levels during the period (likely being the ones who gained the most Experience Points as well). Click on See more to view a full list of students and how many levels they gained.



Quests are personalized learning adventures that teachers can create to share their curriculum with students. This section shows how engaged students are with Quests. Here you can see:

  • Which students completed the most quests (for students to complete a quest, it must have a Quest end type objective) and how many quests they completed
  • Which students completed the most quest objectives and how many they completed
  • Which quests are the most popular among students and how often they were completed

Click See more to view the full list of students or quests and occurrences.


Gold Pieces are an integral part of the Classcraft experience for students. They are earned by leveling up, showing positive behavior, and sending pets on training missions. In this section, you can see how students engage with Gold Pieces, whether to earn or spend it. You can see:

  • How many Gold Pieces were spent by your students during the selected time period
  • Which students purchased the most amount of gear pieces and how many they got
  • Which students spent Gold Pieces at the School Store the most often and how often they completed transactions
  • Which students sent their pets on training missions the most and how often then sent them out
  • Which students changed the appearance of their character by switching their gear and how often they did so

Click See more to view the full list of students and occurrences.