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Analytics on the School Dashboard

In the Analytics section, you can view the information related to each of your students in two ways: the Overview and the List View. All the students at your school are listed on the lefthand side. Pick one from the list or use the search bar to find a specific student and view their Analytics.



The Overview shows a student’s behavioral performance across all of their classes. The charts for Experience Points (XP) and Gold Pieces (GP) reflect positive behaviors, and the chart for Health Points (HP) shows negative behaviors.

On the graphs, the bold line represents the student’s performance while the faint line indicates the class average.

You can also choose whether to filter students by “all teachers” or an individual teacher. If you filter the results for an individual teacher, you can choose to view data for all the classes the teacher has or for a specific class. Additionally, you can choose whether to include XP earned through the Grade Converter. The Grade Converter enables teachers to convert a student’s performance from assignments, tests, or quizzes into game points.

After you make changes, click the green “Filter” button to update the graphs to show the new data.

Below each graph, you can see the top events for XP and GP, as well as HP, which identify repeat behaviors, or the student’s strengths and weaknesses in the classroom.



List View 

At any time, you can click the “Show List View” button to view the data in a simplified list form. Each entry is time-stamped.

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