School Dashboard Overview

The Overview section of the School Dashboard informs at a glance how well your school is fostering a positive school climate and how engaged your students are.

During your initial setup, every step that you need to complete will be visible on your School Dashboard overview:


Once all the steps of the initial setup are completed, make sure to click on “Send Invitations” to unlock your school data and all features for your teachers. You can learn more about the initial setup here.

User Overview

This section informs you of the number of teachers and students playing Classcraft at your school. You can also view the status of your teachers:

  • Pending: You have created these teachers’ accounts, or they had accounts before your school started playing Classcraft. Click on “Send Invitations” to activate their accounts.
  • Onboarding: You have invited these teachers to join Classcraft, but they are still in the process of creating their first classes and adding their students.
  • Playing: These teachers are actively playing Classcraft with their students.


Students who are not marked as “Playing” need to first be added to a teacher’s class.


You can add teachers by clicking on the “Add Teachers” button or add students by clicking on “Add Students.”

School Climate Index

Note: The School Climate Index is available 30 days after inviting your teachers.


The School Climate Index is calculated using aggregated data obtained from Classcraft use at your school. Many factors weigh in the index (absenteeism, the ratio of positive and negative behaviors, etc.), but it’s meant to give you an overview of how your school is doing. The score ranges from 1 to 10, where 10 is the best possible value.

Below your score, you can see how the current School Climate Index compares to the previous period, giving you a general idea whether the school climate at your school is improving or not.

Click on “View History” to view a chart of how the School Climate Index fluctuated over time.


Classcraft Engagement Index

Note: The Classcraft Engagement Index is available 30 days after inviting your teachers.


The Classcraft Engagement Index indicates how much and how well students and teachers at your school use Classcraft. This score is based on aggregated data such as the number of positive and negative behaviors and the number of actions in the game. The score ranges from 1 to 10, where 10 is the best possible value.

The Classcraft Engagement Index also indicates how reliable the School Climate Index is. A very high School Climate Index paired with a very low Classcraft Engagement Index may tell you that there is not enough data to give you an accurate portrait of the climate at your school.



Takeaways are a list of key areas that you can work on to improve the School Climate and Engagement Indexes. These suggestions are directly generated from the data influencing your scores. Working on them and improving these areas will also improve your scores over time.


School Climate & Classcraft Engagement Graph

A graphic displays the fluctuations of the School Climate and Engagement Indexes over a period of time. You can set a date range for this graph by clicking on the grey arrow beside the current date range. To view the scores for any given date, hover your cursor over any specific point in the chart. You can also see if your School Climate and Classcraft Engagement scores are improving over time (comparison data may not appear depending on the time period chosen).


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