School Dashboard Overview

In the Overview part of the School Dashboard, you can view at a glance how engaged your students and teachers are. To access your School Dashboard, log in to Classcraft using your account at

Navigating the School Dashboard

School Overview

The School Overview provides you more information about Classcraft at your school.

User Overview

This section informs you of the number of teachers and students playing Classcraft at your school. You can also view the status of your teachers:

  • Pending: You have created these teachers’ accounts, or they had accounts before your school started playing Classcraft. Click on “Send Invitations” to activate their accounts.
  • Onboarding: You have invited these teachers to join Classcraft, but they are still in the process of creating their first classes and adding their students.
  • Playing: These teachers are actively playing Classcraft with their students.

If you’re not part of a district playing Classcraft, you can add teachers and students directly by clicking on the “Add Teachers” or “Add Students” buttons.

Engagement Score

Note: Your score becomes available starting 30 days after a school starts playing.


The Engagement Score indicates how much and how well admins, teachers, staff members, and students at your school use Classcraft. It ranges from 1 to 10, where 10 is the best possible value.

Your score is based on three equal values:

  • Behaviors use: This score determined by how many behaviors (positive or negative) are flagged by teachers and staff members for each student each day, on average. To increase this score, ask your teachers to highlight more positive behaviors each day!
  • Game activity: Whenever students and teachers complete activities in-game, this score increases. The more activities daily, the higher the score.
    • Teacher activities: Quest creation, comment, Random Event, Volume Meter, etc.
    • Student activities: Quest and assignment completion, comment, powers use, gear change, etc.
  • School climate: This score depends on how many positive behaviors versus negative behaviors versus how many students fall. While it’s a little complicated, to increase this score, consider focusing on positive behaviors more.

Use the date picker in the top right corner to filter the data on this page, including the Engagement Score graph. You can use this graph to show the general engagement trend at your school.

To view the scores for any given date, hover your cursor over any specific point in the chart.


Takeaways are a list of key areas that you can work on to improve your Engagement Score over time. These suggestions are directly generated from the data influencing your scores.

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