Using LRNG’s badge rewards with Classcraft

LRNG’s integration with Classcraft rewards students with Experience Points (XP) whenever they unlock badges in LRNG.

Activating LRNG

To activate LRNG in Classcraft, access the “Apps” menu by clicking on your teacher profile menu (your picture on the top right corner of the screen) and selecting “Apps”. From there, you’ll see LRNG’s card and a “Connect” button to install the app.


You can uninstall the app from the same screen at any point.

Linking LRNG to Classcraft

Before students can start earning XP for unlocking badges in LRNG, they will need to activate the link with Classcraft in LRNG itself. They can link the accounts by logging in to LRNG and looking for the Classcraft prompt, and then following the instructions on the screen.

Once both platforms are connected, students will automatically earn XP for unlocked badges. Every time a student earns XP, it will be displayed in the game feed like any other XP reward. 

Configuring XP settings 

Once you’ve installed the LRNG app in your Classcraft account, you’ll need to configure it. This means deciding what percentage of a badge’s predetermined XP value will be awarded to the student.

This setting will allow you to control how fast your students will level up. Keep in mind that all badges in LRNG will earn students XP for completing them and that this will add to the normal amount of XP they usually receive.

This calibration is “global,” meaning it will be set as the default for all your classes.


Calibrating LRNG for a particular class

LRNG will be active in all your classes with the default calibration you set. To set a different calibration for a particular class, go to your class settings and click “Active Apps” under “Advanced.” Then click the “Settings” button to set a unique calibration for the class.

Tip: LRNG will be active in all your classes. If you want to make it unusable by your students in a particular class, you can set the conversion to 0 percent.


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