Navigating the mobile interface (students)

When you log in to your Classcraft account on the mobile version, you’ll see your active character. To access a different class, open the “More” menu.

You can view the different sections of the game by tapping on the corresponding icon in the lower part of the screen. Drag the menu left and right to see other sections that may not be visible due to screen size.

Student list

Tap the Class (Two green silhouettes) icon to view all the students in your class:

Student list on mobile interface

If you prefer seeing the list of teams rather than students, tap on “Teams” in the upper right part of the screen. You can select any student in your class to view their character.


The Messaging feature (Message bubblesenables you to view messages from your teachers or to send them messages. A red notification icon indicates that you have a new message. Select the teacher and class to view the messages.

If your teacher has enabled replies, you can also message them. You can attach files from your mobile device to a message after allowing Classcraft to access your files. Write a message and click on the green checkmark to send it.

Student and teacher conversation in messages


You can view Quests in the mobile version by tapping on the Quests icon (Map). Select a quest from the quest map. You can progress in your quests and complete objectives.

You may also submit assignments directly from the mobile version. To submit an assignment, upload a file by tapping the gray square and selecting a file, or write your text directly in the text editor before clicking “Submit.”


In the Equipment (Shirt icon) section, you can view your Gold Pieces (GP) and your current gear. Change your gear using all the gear available for your character at your level and tap “Save Changes.” You’ll have to confirm your purchase on the following screen to pay for any new gear.

Checkout screen on mobile


You can see which pets you have in the Pets (Pet icon) section and send them off on training missions. By selecting a pet, you can see the list of quests they’ve completed and their current mission.


Game Feed

The game feed logs everything that happens in your classroom. Scroll up or down to navigate the feed.

Delayed Damage

In the Delayed Damage section, you’ll see all the damage on hold. Select a damage entry to see if you can act on it.

You may be able to heal your teammates so keep an eye out for any incoming damage! If there is new damage, a red notification icon will be displayed.


Tap on the “More” icon to find more options.

To change the class you’re viewing, tap on the class name to bring up a scrolling menu. Make sure the class you want to view is between the two gray lines and that the text is darker. Then tap “Apply.”

Class switch on mobile

In the settings, you can view an introduction to the mobile version, email support, give us feedback, and sign out from the app.

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