Exploring the dashboard

When you first log in, take some time to get used to the dashboard and see what the different sections are. Your dashboard will look something like this (maybe with fewer elements):


Let’s see the main components!

1. Your class name and location on the app
If you play in more than one class with the same account, click on your class name to switch to another class. For example, here I could click on English 504 to view a class list and go to French 501.

2. Side navigation
Click on these buttons to view different sections of the app. If you’re not sure what they mean, start by clicking the sideway arrow > to expand the view. Here’s a quick reminder:

a. Character Dashboard: This is the screen currently displayed!
b. Gear: Switch gear pieces to change the appearance of your character.
c. Pets: Send your pets on training missions.
d. Quests: Go on learning adventures.
e. Kudos: Send and view positive, uplifting messages (may not be unlocked yet!)
f. Students: View all the students in your class.
g. Messaging: Exchange direct messages with your teacher.
h. Sound: Turn sound on or off.
i. Help: Visit our Help Center.
j. Expand: View the expanded version of the sidebar navigation.

3. Team crest
If you’re already on a team, your team crest is displayed beside your name.

4. Classcraft QR Code
If your teacher uses Classcraft GO, you can use this button to show them your unique QR code.

5. Character level and class
Click on your level to view your Level Track, which tells you exactly what you’ll unlock at which level.

6. Points
This is the current view, where you can view your Experience Points, Gold Pieces, Crystals, and Hearts.

7. Powers
Click on this tab to view your unlocked powers. To use a power, click on it on the list and follow the instructions.

8. Pledges
Pledges are acquired when you display too many negative behaviors and fall. Click on this tab to review any outstanding pledge.

9. Experience Points
When you follow the good behaviors chosen by your teachers, you’ll earn Experience Points. Not sure what they are? Click your bar to view the behavior list! There may be other ways to earn Experience Points too. When you earn enough, you automatically gain a level and a Crystal.

10. Gold Pieces
You earn Gold Pieces automatically when leveling up. Depending on your class’ settings, you may even earn some for good behaviors and training pets! Regardless, they enable you to buy new gear pieces to upgrade your character’s appearance.

11. Crystals
With Crystals, you can use your amazing powers! This lets you know how many you currently have and how many your character can have. If you’re at maximum and close to leveling, think about using a power so it doesn’t go to waste.

12. Hearts
Unlocked late in the game, Hearts can be removed by your teacher when you misbehave in class. If you lose all your Hearts, you’ll fall and have to make a pledge. Work together as a team to prevent anyone from falling. To view the behaviors that can cause you to lose Hearts, click on your Hearts.

If your class is using the Proactive mode, this is where the Enduring Spirit lantern appears (if it's purple you'll be protected from falling once) and your Shields.

If your whole school is playing Classcraft with Houses, your house (crest, name, Experience Points) may appear here. Click on it to view the school leaderboard.

13. Game feed
Click on the journal icon to view your character’s action log (like when you level up, use a power, or lose Hearts).

14. Delayed damage queue
When someone on your team lose Hearts, your teachers may send this damage to the delayed damage queue. Click this button to view the damage and help out your team!

15. Profile
Click this button to view a menu. Here, you can view your profile, visit the Hall of Heroes, and log out.

16. Change background

Click here to pick a different background.

Using your Character Dashboard, you can…

  • View your points and how they’re earned
  • Use your powers if you have enough Crystals — be sure to let your teacher know if you do!
  • Access your Level Track by clicking on your level


  • Show off your amazing character and their pet

Now that you know more about the dashboard, learn more about the different points in Classcraft and powers.