Navigating the mobile interface (teachers)

When you log in to your Classcraft account on the mobile version, you can see your list of students for one of your classes. To access a different class, open the “More” (more.jpg) menu.

You can view the different sections of the game by tapping on the corresponding icon in the lower part of the screen. Drag the menu left and right to see other sections that may not be visible due to screen size.

To access your class on mobile, you’ll need to have at least one student with an active character. If your class is empty, you can add the student and set up their character using the desktop version, or you can switch to a different class.

Student list

The list will automatically display all the students in your class:


Tap on “Teams” in the upper right part of the screen to switch the view to teams. You can also enter the batch-selection mode by holding your finger on a student entry. You’ll then be able to select several students, and any action you take will apply to all of them at the same time.

With the mobile app, you can tap on the yellow + button to give students Experience Points (XP), the gold GP button to give them Gold Pieces, the red - button to remove HP, or affect several values at once by pressing the white +/- button.


The Messaging feature (messaging.jpg) enables you to view sent and received messages from your students or their parents (if they have a linked account).

Select a student, parent, or announcement type to send a message. You can attach files from your mobile device to a message after granting Classcraft permission to access your files. Write a message in the text box and tap on the green checkmark to send it.


Game Feed

The Game Feed (game_feed.jpg) logs everything that happens in your classroom. Scroll up or down to navigate the feed.

Delayed Damage

In the Delayed Damage (delayed_damage.jpg) section, you’ll see all the damage you’ve deferred. If you have new entries, a red notification icon with the number of actions needed will be displayed with the menu icon. The oldest damage will be displayed first as it must be handled first. Tap on the first entry to deal with the damage normally.



In the Class Tools section (tools_icon.jpg), you can activate a random event for your class. To generate a random event for the day, tap on “See Event.” You can then tap on “Next” to apply damage, grant GP, or grant XP according to the event. Select “Apply” for the random event values to take effect.

You can also use the Wheel of Destiny to pick a random player or team. Use the yellow + button to give them XP, the red - button to remove HP, or the -/+ white button to change values. A counter keeps track of whether a student or team has already been picked by the random picker. Tap on the “Reset” button to reset this counter (learn more here).

Book of Laments

You can also use the Book of Laments (book_of_laments.jpg) on the mobile version. A red notification circle indicates that there are pending sentences you can view. However, you can’t mark sentences as complete on the mobile version.


Tap on the “More” (more.jpg) icon to find additional options.

To change the class you’re viewing, tap on the class name. In the scrolling menu, make sure that the class you want to view is between the two gray lines and that the text is darker. Then tap “Apply.”


Select “Analytics” to view the data and statistics  report for any student in your class.

From the settings, you can email support, give us feedback, and sign out from the app.

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